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Foreign Markets: Foreign Countries Potential Of Return On Investments

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This analysis takes into account the factors in evaluating foreign countries potential of return on investments to your investors. Our team has taken several factors including political, social, economic, technological, environmental, and legal indicators affecting the business of International Investment Inc.
Political Environment:
International Investment Inc. foreign markets cut across 18 relatively stable governments that provide a promising environment for businesses to flourish. These stable governments reduce risks of doing business, overall lowering the business costs of International Investment Inc. foreign markets.
These countries have also enjoyed long periods of democratic ...view middle of the document...

This socio-cultural diversity represents everyone through the firm’s efforts in promoting globalization by sharing resources indiscriminately (Henry, 64).
Technological Environment:
International Investment Inc. embraces technology as a critical factor in its growth strategy. It has linked all its branches on the same network to ensure clients transact forms from any part of the globe using cloud technology. Hemant Shah, chief executive of Risk Management Solutions, stated in Ben Dipietro article “Risk Modeling Advances for Natural Disasters, Terrorism,” that “adoption of cloud technology enables risk-modeling companies to put the data into a secure space where it can more easily be accessed by insurance and reinsurance companies, hedge funds and financial services companies looking for the most up-to-the-minute information to help them decide how to shape and price policies and products, or whether or not to make investments.”
Furthermore, the massive investment in research and development further underlines the company’s determination to use technology in easing service delivery to clients. The Asian markets, especially Japan and Thailand, are amongst the most advanced technological nations globally....

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