Foreign Students In The United States

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Many foreign students come to the United States for an education. They might think that American education is better, or perhaps, has advantages that are not found in their own country. I am from Ukraine and I am currently studying at Utah Valley State College. What conclusions can be drawn about an American education compared to a Ukrainian education? There are many advantages and fewer disadvantages of receiving an education in the United States. This essay will compare an American University education with a Ukrainian education.First, we will look at the advantages of an education in Ukraine and in the United States.There are some great advantages of a Ukrainian Education. In the commentary on Ukrainian education, Kuropas (2001) suggests that in reality a Ukrainian education requires more work than an American education, which gives richer knowledge in different fields of study rather than only in their own specific field of study. "...Ukrainian graduate degrees need to be reviewed and tightened so that they are more in line with international standards. The idea that the "aspirantura" degree is equivalent to the Ph.D. is misleading, particularly since it requires no additional course work (the Ph.D. degree demands a minimum of three years of study after the bachelor's degree plus a dissertation) and can often be obtained with bribes and pay-offs, especially in the social sciences. During Communist times higher degrees in the social sciences were obtained under questionable, quasi-political circumstances contributing to the perception in the West that they are academically worthless."There are many advantages in an American Education. Reading comments by Vera Ternivskaya Educational Adviser in Kiev one could conclude that American education has many pluses compared to a Ukrainian education: it not only gives multicultural world view but specifically focuses on your major of study, providing many practical skills that are used in future work; it also gives flexibility to choose the things that interest you. The most of that is building the desire to study, and gives an opportunity to get a work experience before graduation. It also values integrity of each student, allowing them to express and develop their views, hopefully protecting them from corruption in the institution. American education gives students more of the chance to get better grades, if you are not happy with the grades that were received in that particular class it can be retaken. Ukrainian students bring home professional knowledge and skills, as well as wide multicultural worldview, also, a bright and confident positive attitude and principles of the American markets of economy and democracy. (Vera Ternivskaya Educational Adviser in Kiev, 1996)Now we will look at the disadvantages of both educational systems.There is a list of disadvantages that can be written about Ukrainian education: students can't be employed, they wouldn't have enough time for work, and studies take too...

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