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Within the broader context of crime scene investigation, forensic biologists play the role of collecting and analyzing biological evidence in order to decipher exactly what happened at the scene of the crime, and who was involved (Forensic Biologist, n.d.; Forensic Science, n.d.). Much of the evidence collected by forensic biologists consists of both ecological and biological matter, including but not limited to: dirt, blood, teeth, insects, fingerprints, and saliva (A Simplified Guide to Forensic Science, n.d.; Forensic Biologist, n.d.). These samples undergo extensive laboratory testing, which requires expertise in the proper handling of highly advanced and delicate technologies (Forensic ...view middle of the document...

Choosing to pursue a career in forensic biology is as serious and committed a decision as with any other scientific discipline, involving intensive study of difficult concepts and scientific processes. Those practicing in the field of forensic biology generally have a four-year degree in one or more of the following areas: general biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, forensic science, forensic chemistry, or forensic biology (Forensic Biologist, n.d.; Forensic Science, n.d.). A number of certificate programs are available to those who already have a basic education in science, or are already working in a related field and would like to break into forensic biology specifically (Forensic Science, n.d.). Certificates typically take one year to complete, either concurrently with the pursuit of a bachelor's degree, or in the years following (Forensic Science, n.d.).
Of course, due to primetime television, forensic biology is certainly in vogue these day—one reason why I'm personally interested in the field. People sit back and view a sleek, abridged version of the processes that take place in crime laboratories, and see it simply for its entertainment value (and often its gross-out factor). However, for me, there is a certain appeal to fully understanding these processes in all of their complexity, and possessing the knowledge that allows me to tell my fellow viewers...

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2473 words - 10 pages .,Gӧtherstrӧm, A., Holmlund, G. (2007) More on contamination: the use of asymmetric molecular behavior to identify authentic ancient human DNA. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 24, 998-1004. Michael, A., Brauner, P. (2004) Erroneous gender identification by the amelogenin sex test, J Forensic Sci, 49, 258–259. Mullins, K. B., Faloona, F. A. (1987) Specific synthesis of DNA in vitro via a polymerase-catalyzed chain reaction, Methods Enzymol

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