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Forensic Odontology Essay

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Forensic Odontology is basically linked with dentistry and may be regarded as the art and science with which the criminal matters and issues can be resolved. It has legal status as the Para dental knowledge gives key to legal matters both in civil and criminal issues (Bernstein and Cottone, 2002). The application of forensic Odontology helps in supervision of the law and the promotion of justice. Hence, forensic Odontology provides a significant societal assistance in both, the civic and illicit jurisdictions. There can be many ways in which the forensic Odontology can be of help in civil and criminal cases. This may comprise of examining the bite marks that are caused by individual or animals in an array of situations. For the most part, there are bite marks that are recurrently brought to light in cases of child abuse victims and many other cases like burglary, theft, murder, proof of violence etc. in addition to identification of the bite marks of the suspect, forensic Odontology also provides for the proof of the suspect’s or the victim’s age in case of identification of the victim or the suspect where ever necessary. For instance, in a court trial a suspect is proven guilty of a murder and is given corporal punishment but this punishment is challenged on the basis that the guilty is underage and such punishment could not be given. In case when no material proof is available, the help of forensic Odontology can determine the age of the guilty (Willems, 2002). The science of forensic Odontology make use, in many cases of the dental records and records of x-rays that altogether, and individually too, help in identification of alive or dead individuals. This is done by means of assessment, evaluation or the analysis of the tooth marks in human skin and similarly, the bite marks in the foodstuffs as a source of detection. The process takes in to view the analysis of any dental proof discovered at the sight of incidence or crime. Basically, the art or the science of forensic Odontology...

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