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Forensic Psychology Comprehensive Examination Essay

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The following is the Forensic Psychology Comprehensive Examination for Frank Felipe "Frankie". The forensic psychologist has been hired by the court to give a pre-sentence investigative report. Before entering the room with the client; Frankie’s file has been reviewed with history and reason for evaluation.

Psychological Theory and Practice
Triage and Assessment
On first view of Frankie; the young adult Hispanic male was dressed in inmate orange attire. This appearance was different than the mug shot where he looked ornate, theatrical in appearance. On his legs were bright leggings and around his neck a ladies slip. Frankie’s appearance showed poor hygiene. He was alert and responded easily to inquiries. Frankie’s demeanor was lethargic and resigned, for lack of hope. His responses came from complacency; believing his position in life has been, and will remain the same.
Upon first introductions: explanation of questions and assessment to be involved in the evaluation; and that information obtained can be used in judicial proceedings reflecting what the courts will deem fit for his charges, sentencing, and treatment (American Psychological Association, 2011; Standard 6.03, 6.03.02, 6.04). Frankie was made aware of the limits to confidentiality; because the information would be shared. This information was stated in language easy to understand and comprehend; understanding that Frankie had not finished high school; had abused drugs and alcohol; and ran the streets (American Psychological Association, 2010; Principle E).
Since Frankie’s stay in jail; he has been off drugs and alcohol for four weeks. He stated that only happened once as a child for two weeks. His parents encouraged drug use and alcohol to cope with problems and deal with disappointments. This way of thinking, promoted by his parents caused Frankie not to view substance abuse as a problem. Frankie recognized that his behavior came from his environmental upbringing. In ninth grade he fought with other boys on regular basis. During this same time, Frankie took sexual advantage of a girl his age. He was conscious of the drug and alcohol abuse that was permitted since his youth. Frankie was aware at age 20 that his parent’s participation in his behavioral characteristics were not normal; and had led him to an abnormal way of living.
After the initial verbal and behavioral review of Frankie; the first assessment given is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2). The reason for this assessment is to evaluate for malingering; because any exaggerated symptoms need to be explored. The assessment will determine depression; Frankie has admitted exploring the idea of suicide because of his parent’s lack of parental relationship (Walters, 2011). Frankie’s parent’s neglected his sustenance to survive, hygiene, and clothing. His parents encouraged substance abuse; he and his siblings were physically and emotionally abused by parents;...

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