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Forensic Science Technician: Analyzing The World Of A New Career

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When the job title "forensic science technician" comes to mind, many people think of crime shows such as NCIS and CSI, which shows a broad spectrum of what the job is, but it's not as easy as it seems. When I was kid I always looked up to the character Abby on NCIS, Abby is the forensic scientist on the show. "Forensic science technicians perform chemical, biological, and physical analysis on evidence taken from crime scenes("Forensic Science Technicians." Occupational Outlook Handbook)." A forensic science technician must complete many years of education, but through this hard work they are able to accomplish all sorts of different tasks, work in multiple environments, and use many ...view middle of the document...

" Wiscareers). A forensic scientist-advanced is not supervised, although they are usually a supervisor; wherefore, a forensic scientist is the most supervised. Besides being split into three different levels of forensic scientists, they may also do different tasks based on where they do most of their work. A forensic scientist that does most of their work on a crime scene will normally just collect evidence; however, a forensic scientist who does most of their work in a lab takes the collected evidence and analyzes it to find clues. A forensic scientist who works in a lab will work a standard forty hour week while a scientist who works on a crime scene will be on-call ("Forensic Science Technicians." Occupational Outlook Handbook). A nice thing about being a forensic scientist is that every case is different, which means there is alway new clues and new technologies to discover everyday("Forensic Science Technicians." Wiscareers).
Forensic scientists use many different tools, technologies, and abilities. One of the most important tools as a forensic scientist is a biological evidence collection kit. A biological evidence collection kit contains many things such as, gloves, collection jars, evidence bags, notebooks, and many other pieces of equipment that may be needed for collecting evidence. After the evidence is collected it is taken back to the lab, it is analyzed using different types of technologies. One of the main technologies used as a forensic scientist is analytical or scientific software. Analytical or scientific software consists of many different computer programs and databases that help analyze evidence at a higher level. There is other technologies used on the job such as, database user interface and query software. Besides tools, and technologies being used on the job, forensic scientist also must have many abilities and qualities such as near and far vision, outstanding communication...

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