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Forensic Science


1.1 Definition and Description

Forensic Science is the application of a group of sciences and technologies to investigate situations. Forensic Scientists study potential evidence that may help in a legal investigation. They are required to study decomposing and deceased corpses and a variety of other substances. A Forensic scientist may also be required to analyse drugs, poisons, body fluids, blood and alcohol inside the human body. To obtain this data, Forensics will have to examine and compare various materials using electrical devises and other means.

1.2 Aim
The Aim of this report is to inform the reader on the occupation of a Forensic Scientist. ...view middle of the document...

2.3 Salary & wage

The starting salary of a forensic scientist is usually around $40 000 AUD however, with experience earnings may reach $55 000 AUD. Senior Forensic scientists may earn up to $85 000 AUD a year or more. The average salary of Australia is roughly $75 000 a year, compared to the base wage of a forensic scientist its roughly half.

2.4 Prospects

A forensic scientist can usually find employment with law enforcement agencies, police, legal systems and in the investigation services of the government. Some forensic scientists may also work as a teacher in institutes that conduct that course. Opportunities for forensic scientist exist in government organisations such as the CBI(Central Bureau of Investigation) and as investigators in the cells of state police forces. The Forensic Scientist essential work in the forensic labs and sometimes they might work in large private detective agencies to help establish the connection between the criminal and the crime. There are a variety of career option for forensic scientists because they can specialise in varied subjects such as medicine, engineering, fingerprinting, insect study, languages, geology etc.


I have come to the conclusion that being a forensic scientist would be a very interesting and rewarding job. From the information I have collected, I have learnt that forensic scientists do a lot of work in legal...

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