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Forensics Anthropology Essay

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Forensics Anthropology

Anthropology is a study of mankind that goes beyond the fragment of ones skeletal remains. Anthropology Studies involved within this science include the culture and surroundings a person once lived in.Anthropology, (2014) A example scientist often conduct archaeological digs. Their findings reveal many different aspects of that person or person’s life. The weather a person could have been exposed to. The environment or activities that person might have participated in. The scope of life that can be recovered from human remains is astonishing. Forensic Science as a whole is an impressive and interesting ...view middle of the document...

Archaelogist are also needed in the event of recovering remains. They help carefully record the information found at the scene of a mended body. The information recovered from Hurricane Katrina's forensics investigation was used to document information for insurance claims.
Forensic Investigations evidence recovered at a disaster should be properly maintained from start to finish. It is imperative that all evidence found at the scene of a crime or finding of human remains be properly redoncorded and investigated. This should be dones,that no information is left or overlooked. Any little detail could mean the difference between finding the proper identification of a person or persons. The job of a forensics anthropologist is important,due to the nature of the work and the different agencies the information is viewed by. The evidence collected must be credible to be used in a court of law.
Since the incident of September 11, 2001,forensics investigations have shifted into the real of humanitarianism,specifically among large scale disasters. Before Sept 11 forensics investigations where used mostly in a court of law. It has now grown into a profession that assist grieving families. This is a good direction for a forensics investigator. It is imperative that families recieve closure. The job of a forensics investigators holds many different responsibilities. The depth of an investigation could take weeks,months,or years. During the time a forensics investigator investigates a scene. They may be able to find out many different pieces of the puzzle missing from an investigation. The main objective for a forensics investigator is to get to the bottom of a case and find out the missing pieces of the puzzle and make an attempt to make sense of a crime system and what happened at the scene of an incident,crime,or disaster.

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