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Foreshadowing The Breakdown Of Catherine And Eddie's Relationship

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Foreshadowing the Breakdown of Catherine and Eddie's Relationship

Arthur Miller’s fascinating tale “A view from the Bridge” was actually
based on a true story. He was researching on Pete Panto, a
longshoreman, who was executed for attempting to revolt against his
union. He came across another tale, about a man who had told the
immigration bureau about his relatives. This longshoreman was trying
to prevent his niece from marrying one of the brothers. The man soon
disappeared and was rumoured to be killed by one of his brothers.

America in the 1950’s was considered a working heaven. “Good pay, no
more back breaking hours of work, no more crime, clean houses, running
water, round-the-clock electricity and even good schools.” This is
what most immigrants thought when ever they thought of America. It was
this thought that had led many people from all over Europe, Asia and
Africa to immigrate there. New York is where most of these people
ended up. They worked for a few years to pay off their debt from the
syndicate. “A view from the bridge” is based around the Italian
community, in Red Hook, New York. These immigrants soon found out the
real truth of New York: The slums of New York were filthy and
dangerous, and the only work available was back-breaking and badly
paid. Many people didn’t like these ways and turned to the “next best
thing”; gangsters. The most famous people who were immigrants in New
York and became gangsters were Al Capone and “Lucky” Luciano.

“A view from the Bridge” is based on the family of a longshoreman,
Eddie Carbone. He is living with his wife, Beatrice and his niece
Catherine. Eddie is forty years of age and is well aware of the
dangers and problems in New York. He says “I don’t like the
neighbourhood over there.” Beatrice is Eddie’s wife and she doesn’t
work. Eddie doesn’t approve of women working (keeping to the Italian
tradition). Maybe this is because he cares for the welfare of women,
or because his manhood is at stake. Catherine is Beatrice’s niece who
has been orphaned since she was young. She has bee with Eddie and
Beatrice since she was orphaned and both uncle and niece treat her
like their own child. Eddie and Catherine have a very strong
father-daughter like relationship, and both treated each other with
tremendous respect. This father-daughter love was an immensely deep
one. Eddie, in Act 1 was always the over-powering one and Catherine
being immature and not being able to understand always let him,
considering Eddie to be a father and taking care of her. During the
play, it is Catherine’s emerging confidence that results in the
breakdown in Eddie’s and Catherine’s relationship. Eddie is simply not
prepared for this.

Eddie is the man of the house, and the protagonist in the play. He is
well loved by both his wife and a lot by his niece Catherine.
Catherine shows how much she loves him as a father by greeting him in
a father-daughter way. “Hi Eddie!” Eddie, a man...

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