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Forest Gump Paper: By Danielle BrewerForrest Gump is a movie about a mentally challenged man who overcomes his handicap and explores the world in an adventurous way. The events of Forest's life gave views of the society in which he lived. The themes in Forest Gump seem to be the search and or ideas for someone's destiny while understanding that simple is good. In the movie, the fates of many people are seen through the eyes of Forest.The two loves in Forest's life were his mother and Jenny. His mother was just as wonderful as he was. She always explained to him in simple terms the ways of life so Forest could understand them. She did everything in her power to make her son feel normal in society and for him to not believe he was stupid contradictory to what townspeople said to him. Then there was Jenny. Jenny was the girl on the bus that he fell in love with at first sight. She was the one person that would make him happy when he was down the most. This story was nice because she needed him as much as he needed her. Forest and Jenny went through numerous experiences in their life, but it seemed that no matter where they were, somehow they would always be brought back together.Forest thinks directly as well as simply. His trusting nature and ability to focus on only the best in the people he loved created a truly wonderful character. In the movie, some feel that Forest was not good at people skills. I felt the exact opposite because he does what he thinks is right and doesn't do what he thinks is wrong. That is a respectable quality in a person. Some may think that Forest is foolish, but he is just a frank, honest, kind, and normal guy.I picked the movie Forest Gump because I felt that this was the best movie to cover multiple grounds from class conversations and experiences. Discussion of rainbows, Bernie's subject on wills and trusts, class cemetery visit discussions, our group exercise on loss, and the 'These are a Few of my Favorite Things' exercise are some class topics that I...

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