Forester Nature Of Work A Forester Aid (Also Called Forestry

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Forester Nature of Work A forester aid (also called forestry technician) assists professional forester in the care and management of forestland and their resources. They measure logs to determine lumber content and inspect trees for disease and other infestations and maintain records of what they find. They collect rainfall, stream flow and soil moisture data on simple watershed improvement projects.Working ...view middle of the document...

Usually foresters work a 40-hour week with overtime as required by emergencies or special projects.Training and other qualifications High school graduation is required and the completion of a one to two year course of study is also necessary with work experience as an equivalent alternative. Additional experience on fire fighting crews, working in tree nurseries and performing recreational work is required for qualification as a forester aid.Characteristics: enjoy outdoor work, physical stamina, and ability to carry out tasks without direct supervision.Job Outlook Employment of foresters is expected to decline through the year 2006 due to budgetary constraints in the government, where employment is highly concentrated.Earnings Annual earnings of foresters range from about $19,500 to $42,900 per year, depending on training and years of experience. In the Federal Government the average is about $24,800. Research positions earn about $42,900.Related occupations Supervisors of timber sales and road building crews. Environmentalist and plant and land researchers.

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