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Forever Essay

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I walked from the room, trying to ignore the stares of those in my class as I moved through the crowds. Students walked in groups, laughing as they did. Some talked with engrossed expressions on their face, some blushing and others without their expressions deceiving themselves.I could see Steve walking towards my direction, laughing with his mates Carl and Lachlan. He was in his human form of course. I smiled as I watched him, the corners of my lips getting higher on my face.‘Rach,’ he called when he’d spotted me in the crowd. I waved over to him and hurried through the crowds towards him. He wore the school uniform – black pants with a white top and a black and blue tie that hang loosely around his neck.I reached him and hugged him enthusiastically.‘Had your test yet?’ he must have remembered my comment last night – the only time I’d mentioned it to him.‘Yep – just had it then….,’ I muttered.‘Fun?’ he raised his eyebrows.‘As if,’ I hit him playfully across the chest.He laughed a quiet, muted laugh and leant down to kiss me lightly on my lips. Just a peck-why did he have to tease me like that?But then again – we were at school….in public….with lots of people around!Argh…… not matter what the reason, it wasn’t fair.‘Rachael!’ I heard a familiar voice call from behind me.I turned around to see Carmela one of my friends walking past casually. The crowd had eased dramatically and only a few people walked by.‘Hey!’ I called back and turned around to focus my attention on Steve. I went on my tippy toes to whisper in his ear. He leant down a little too.‘See you at lunch,’ I whispered and turned back around to Carmela who had stopped walking in the middle of the pathway.‘Hey Carm,’ I greeted. I kept my eyes on Steve as we walked past.‘You were late!’ she stated.‘Oh right…I’m sorry. I didn’t get much sleep last night. It always seems to be the full moon – I don’t know but it irritates me,’ I’d decided that I’d just state the fact that I never sleep well on full moons instead of just random nights in case anyone noticed.‘Hmm. I saw this documentary the other week on the moon and it said that being sleep diprived is more common to happen on full moons than any other night. They said it’s got something to do with the water. I think we learnt something on that in year eight but I can’t remember…...’ Carmela always watched documentaries – she was like a documentary nerd!‘Documentaries are for uncool people Carmela. And you are cool so I don’t know why you watch them!’ I laughed.‘Ha,’ she barked out a sarcastic laugh.We walked halfway around the school get to ‘our spot’. Me and my friends sat near the oval, on the grass, underneath the big tree.Felicity, James, Kerry, Peter and Ben were already...

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989 words - 4 pages symphony, Slavonic Dances, and others, will remain forever embedded in the hearts of music lovers as some of the greatest music of all time. Works Cited Carlson, Betty & Smith, Jane S. The Gift of Music. Wheaton; Crossway Books, 1978. Print. “Antonin Dvorak.” Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2014. Web. 05 Mar. 2014. Pogue, David & Speck, Scott. Classical Music for Dummies. New York; Hungry Minds, 1997. Print.

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1032 words - 5 pages each other. For suddenly, without him as a backdrop, Baba’s spirit was diminished. Something in her was forever lonely and couldn’t not find solace” (377). Her account suggests an intimate bond between the two that may have not been outwardly apparent based on their physical interactions alone, but was obvious once the union was severed. Growing up, Hook’s saw that Baba and Daddy Gus were committed to each other by the way she described their

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933 words - 4 pages that what you believe in is wrong. The main characters explicated these fears as they discovered an extraterrestrial and from at first being scared of it, they had reduced their fears as they began to understand and connect with the creature. This exemplifies the idea that fears can change and that they don’t always exist forever. While, some fears may be perpetuated many of them lose their hold on people as they grow out of their fears. With

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648 words - 3 pages awarded with the U.S’s “Presidential Medal of Freedom” and Canadas “Order of Canada”, along with becoming the first man to ever acquire honorary Canadian citizenship. He also received various awards from Pakistan, India, the Soviet Union, and Turkey. Although, if asked about his awards, only one would truly matter to him. Only one would would stand out above all the others; the award of bringing civil freedom to South Africa. And that is why Nelson Mandela is included as a great civil right leader, and will be forever known as one of the greatest men to ever live.