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It was a warm humid night outside of my bedroom, there was a light drift traveling through the window. Midnight came around and I had no time to be tired, because it was 2pm in Iraq and my soldier had certain times when he would be able to talk to me. My boyfriend, Derek, is on his last deployment before his honorable discharge. He lost his right leg in an accident 2 years ago, and the generals said that this was his last deployment. I was blissful for that. I sometimes go days without sleep, but I would go years if it meant I would be able to see the face that I fell in love with. The glimmer in his eyes was always there, even if I had to stare at a computer just to see it. He’s busy with his troop, but he always found time to talk to me, even if it was for 5 minutes. That was one of the reasons why I love him so much. He was so munificent.
“How’s Max?” he said.
Max is our Golden Retriever. We got him when he was a puppy and he has been like a child to us, but since Derek was overseas, it is my job to take care of him.
“He misses you terribly. He still sleeps on your side of the bed.” I expressed with a slight laugh.
Max isn’t the only one who misses him. It has been 7 months since I was able to feel his warm hugs or touch his velvety skin. He is coming back in 2 weeks, and I am planning a romantic dinner for just the 2 of us.
“I can’t wait for you to come home” I said.
“Me too, I am so ready to come home, but the guys are telling me to get off, so I got to go. I love you.” Derek said.
“Forever and always,” I whispered with a tear running down my cheek.
I close the laptop and turn off the lights. Max, as always, was sleeping soundly snuggled in with Derek’s red wool blanket that I got for him last Christmas. His blond fur was all over the blanket and his head was nestled on his pillow.
I awake the next morning. I’ve been used to waking up alone, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t miss him terribly. I tear slid down my face, but before it hit the floor, I wiped it off and stood up to get ready for my day. I had a big meeting at work and I needed to stay strong for Derek. I only had to wait 2 more weeks, till I was able to wrap my arms around him.
The meeting was boring as usual. I worked for a magazine called MarlieRae. It’s one of the top woman’s magazines, and I was a writer who specialized in affordable looks. Today’s meeting was all about an article we were doing this month. It is called “Unique Proposals”, which doesn’t surprise me since it was February. We were discussing stories and whether we should use them or not. By the end of the meeting the mood suddenly changed. My boss was looking at me funny. He was grinning towards me and I couldn’t figure why.
“Cait, come up to the front!” My boss said trying to hide a smile that was slowly creeping up on his face.
I was looking around, and I was confused about why he...

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