Forever Mine (Fighter Club 2) Essay

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Sarah walks into her daughter Ellie's bedroom, sits on her bed and watches her for a few minutes before waking her. "Ellie Belly time to get up, we are going to see Alexia, Ben and Amber"
Ellie stirs "No London!" she say’s as she pulls the cover over her head.
Sarah giggles at her "We're not off to London you numpty, they've moved in just down the road remember"
Ellie sit’s straight up and looks in Sarah's direction, blinking her eyes to try and get them to focus "Ben road down lives?," Ellie blinks at Sarah a few more times and then she looks confused "Wait! No! That came out wrong didn't it?!, I meant to say "Ben lives down the road now?
Sarah bursts out laughing at her, "oh Ellie, take a few minutes to wake up and yes your boyfriend lives down the road. Don't forget about his twin sister too"
"MUM!!! He's not my boyfriend! And I haven't forgotten Amber" Ellie shouted in her stroppy voice
"Ok, my darling beautiful daughter, whatever you say. Now get up we are meeting Tracy there." Sarah said as she walked out of the room to go downstairs.
Half an hour later, Sarah was sat looking on Facebook drinking her cup of tea when Ellie walked in. "Whatcha looking at Mum?"
"Nothing, just having a nose at what everyone is doing, Some of the girls from work went out to a club that has been taken over by new management and they have put some photos on here. Are you all ready now?" Sarah asked Ellie who just nodded her response at her "ok then, let's go see your boyfriend"
"MUM!! STOP IT!" Ellie shouted trying to sound stropy and not laugh as she walked out to the car.
Sarah gets in and checks her bag to make sure shes got everyone and goes to start the car but she can’t find the keys.
‘Ellie what did I do with the keys?’ Sarah said looking aroung the car
Ellies looked up from searching thought he CD’s ‘I don’t know, I don’t remember you bringing them out’ Ellie replied as she went back to looking at the CD’s
Sarah sat and thought for a moment ‘OH! I left them on the table’ she gasped ‘Which mean I didn’t lock the door’ she said whilst pulling a funny “Duh” face at Ellie and making her laugh, she go out the car and ran inside to get the keys.
A few minutes later she came running out and Ellie looked up to make sure she locked the door, when she noticed something in her hand
‘What else did you forget mum?’
‘My purse’ Sarah laughed ‘That would have been embarressing when I went to pay for the food and your school uniform’ she giggled. ‘Right now we are ready’
As Sarah started driving Ellie put on some music and they sang at the top of there voices not caring who saw. When they arrived at Alexia’s Ellie ran in to find Ben and Amber whilst Sarah was talking to Alexia and Tracy.
‘Hi Ben’ said Ellie as she walked into the front room
‘Hi Ellie’ he said as he stood up from looking at te computer and gave her a hug as they always did. Alexia and Sarah thought it was so cute.
‘Ben and Ellie sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.,N.G’ Amber sang
‘Oh shut up Amber’ Ben said and...

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