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Forever Seeking The Right Path Essay

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Jesus. Buddha. Anubis. This has always been one of the most controversial topics throughout history. There have been many civilizations and many wars waged due to religious beliefs. Regardless of who is who and what one believes, all beings believe that what their God, gods, or deities spoke is the truth, the way, and the key to having an everlasting life. The Hebrew seem to now have a religious monopoly with the modern day Christianity, the ideas of the Buddhist reconcile with many of the beliefs of the Hindu, the Egyptians believed in their many gods along with their god –king, and in the midst of all the ancient religions still lies the oldest religions Judaism and Hinduism which are ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, further West of where the Hebrew were residing was a man by the name of Siddhartha Gautama known as the enlightened one and he was best known as the Buddha (67). Based upon tradition, the legend has it that Gautama was meditating under a bo tree when all of a sudden he reached enlightenment and obtains perfect insight into the processes of the universe. The Buddha has prescribed an outline to life known as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Plan, which was much like the ten commandments in the Hebrew bible only differentiating into the civilizations religious satisfactory. The people whom received the liberation of being freed from the cycles of life and death have said to enter a state of nirvana or a state of blissful nothingness and freedom from reincarnation (67). This would be much like being “saved” in the Hebrew world by just believing and accepting Yahweh into one’s life. Buddhism lasted many years throughout the East, which was known as India, but lost its profoundness to a newfound religion and belief known as Hinduism.
Furthermore, these Hindu believers agreed that a specific caste system was imbedded in their soul and that it was a guide to life and a pursuit of reaching a union with Brahman the monotonous ultimate reality (69). There were only four steps in the search to everlasting existence versus the twelve morals lived by the Buddhist. Perhaps this was conveyed to be an easier route to finding enlightenment and maintaining what they called dharma, which was the moral law of life from both the Buddhist and Hindu teachings. These Hindu believe that there are immeasurable ways of worshiping Brahman by devotion to personal gods. Brahma who is considered the creator, Shiva is the dancer who creates and destroys existence, and Vishnu preservers and sustains existence are just a few of the main male gods. The female goddesses consisted of Lakshmi who possessed wealth and Saraswati obtained learning and music. Their followers would sing hymns or scriptures unto them and they believed they would be blessed for showing praise; much like the Hebrews did with Yahweh (69). Unlike the Buddhist, the Hindu decided to portray the polytheistic gods of nature and have its use for their center of worship. Hinduism provided a complex and sophisticated philosophy of life and religion with an immense amount of emotional appeal that was very attractive to other civilizations that really assisted in evoking the reform of Buddhist (70).
Additionally, the Egyptian empire was still enduring, conquering, and thriving like no other nation in the east or in the west. The ancient Egyptian beliefs were all based around many polytheistic beliefs and polytheistic gods, much like the Hindu. The ancient Egyptians believed that these deities were in control of the present and the future and all elements of nature (44). The pharaoh was considered to be a descendant from god himself, which is almost contradicting, only...

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