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Forging A Hero Essay

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An idolized ordinary person who tries the best to make a difference in this world is considered a hero. They are idealized for their courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. Today, heroes lie truly in the beliefs of one. To one, a hero can be an ordinary human to another this man or woman means the world to them, and is truly admirable for every little thing they do. Heroes are seen differently whether fiction or non-fiction, but either a real or fake hero, that hero will stay in one’s heart as a person that has changed something about someone significantly. In the stories “Ranch Girl” by Maile Meloy, “The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich and “The Superman and Me” by ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, when Henry comes back, he has no feelings about the car, so Lyman in great sorrow destroys the car. Henry sacrifices his youth, his love for the car, and his family just for the American society to live in harmony and in peace. War can give much stress, and problems to one, as seen in Henry. To see a fake hero from a real one must see what he has offered and sacrificed as the hero is formed. Henry gives up his friendship with his brother and his beloved car to go to war and help Americans live a safe life. Erdrich even mentions how much the war affected Henry, stressing more about the past and the future. “I’d bought a color TV … maybe crash right through the set” (James, 137). This quote is very important to the imagery Erdrich creates; he shows that Henry can’t look into the colored TV, without imaging his past leading to several memories of his time at the war. This shows the stability in Henry’s health and that with the war and what not it changed Henry’s whole mindset. Aitzaz Hasan a 15 year old boy who stopped a suicide bomber in rescue to save his friends and family. As Hasan sees the terrorist he says, “I’m going to stop him. He is going to kill my friends” (Bigelow, 1). Hasan didn’t want his friends to die and nobly sacrificed his life for them showing that heroes are everywhere. In this day and age, noble heroes are made and Aitzaz shows to be one who at a young age decided to do such a noble act to save so many lives. Heroes are made by actions and thoughts, showing Aitzaz was a true hero. Henry and Aitzaz both sacrificed their youths for the better peace of this world.
Despite most heroes sacrificing their lives to make a difference, other heroes make differences not because of their good deeds but rather the deeds that change the society whether if it’s accepted or not. In the story “The Ranch Girl” by Maile Meloy, Meloy shows a different type of hero emerging. A hero that isn’t a hero considered worldwide or is in the main headline or anything like that but just an ordinary everyday hero. A hero can be whoever it all depends on the person’s beliefs. In the town, “On a good night, someone gets slid across the asphalt on his back, T-shirt riding up over his bare skin. It doesn’t matter what the fights are about — no one ever knows — it just matters that Andy Tyler always wins. He’s the one who slides the other guy into the road” (James, 174). In the story fights emerge a lot and winning these fights would make one look like a hero in a different way than a regular noble hero. Andy Tyler is seen as this hero who bashes other people and fights them to show his strength and shows the town that he is there for everyone as a strong, courageous hero. But in the story through the minds of the characters, Tyler is seen as a crazy hero that fights for the entertainment and to seize opportunities thus looking as a true hero who can’t be messed with. Truthfully, someone every girl admires, someone who win’s countlessly and...

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