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Forgive And Let Die Essay

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It seems that when anyone passes away all of the horrible things they may have done during their lives melts away. Suddenly everyone’s perspective shifts to nothing but love and admiration regardless of the things they may have done that hurt others. In the award-winning play Fences, written by August Wilson, this is type of occurrence is exemplified when the protagonist, Troy Maxon, dies and everyone close to him is left to remember him for the man he once was.
Before Troy’s death he’s a man who let’s numerous people down including his wife, Rose, and his two sons Cory and Lyons, but after his death they all chose to forgive him regardless of the hardships Troy put them through when he was alive.
Rose and Troy met at a very young age and Rose became rather dependant on Troy very quickly. She believed that he was the best thing life had to offer her and therefore “[she] took all of her feelings, …wants and needs, [her] dreams...and [she] buried them inside of [him]. … [She] planted [herself] inside of [him] and waited to bloom.” (1.2.122). Little did she know she wouldn’t bloom. Troy never gave her the things she wanted because he simply didn’t leave any room for her. He focused solely on his wants and his dreams instead of accommodating to better the both of them. This is something Rose realized before their marriage began to utterly crumble when he cheated on her. “It didn’t take [her] … eighteen years to find out the soil was hard and rocky and [the flower she planted] wasn’t … going to bloom. But [she] held onto [him]” (1.2.122). She held onto Troy even after he cheated on her because she had nothing else to go to. Troy gave her a house, family, food; all of her fundamental necessities which she couldn’t turn her back on because she believed she had no way of getting them on her own.
After Troy’s death Rose came to the conclusion that Troy deserved to be forgiven by her and everyone else because after one’s death is “the put [everything] aside. [To] just take it and set it... [down] on the shelf and forget about it.” (2.2.96). She strongly believed there was no point in fretting and wishing for things to be different when it’s impossible to fix anything now. Also she understood that Troy loved her, and she loved him. She simply accepted her life with Troy and was content with moving on with her life without him. She would remember him for the man he was and the man he wasn’t, but she refused to dwell on the past.
Cory didn’t have the same beliefs as his mother. Throughout Cory’s life it appeared that Troy never believed in him. He refused to let Troy follow his dreams of playing football and instead...

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