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Many years ago, during the bloody era known only as the Second Great Ninja War, the hidden village of Konoha had a policy of capturing live prisoners and keeping them in a coal mine. Men and women were forced to mine Konoha’s fuel, while the children toiled away washing clothing and preparing meals for the adults. Medics were forced against their will to treat anyone presented to them, whether they were from Sand, Rock or River village.Eventually the war ground to a halt, but the inhabitants of the prison had unexpectedly formed close bonds and many decided that they didn’t want to return home. In fact, they went so far as to force the Leaf guards out of the compound and declared the area as their new home. It was the beginning of the Coal country and its only village, the village hidden in diamonds.That was until the Third Great Ninja War began. Remembering the old prison, Konoha quickly swept in and cleaned up their shameful mess. Lying in ruins, it was believed that every man woman and child had been slain during the cave in of the mines. That wasn’t so, because why would there be crying in the background?Young Hatake Kakashi looked up at the sound of a baby crying nearby. The blonde jounin destined to be the Yondaime Hokage called for a stop, pulling his team into a small room that had many years ago been a jail cell, now converted into storage. “Kakashi, Obito, Rin… did you all hear that sound? Could it have been an enemy genjutsu…?”Kakashi lazily glanced towards his teammate before mentioning, “I think it was Obito. He is a crybaby after all.” Obito scowled and was seconds away from refuting the comment when their sensei demanded silence.The blonde jounin made a decision, “You three stay here while I’ll investigate it.” He was only away for a minute before he returned with a frown, “It was indeed a real infant. Our orders are to place explosive charges in five pre-selected locations. Yes, this will collapse these tunnels and destroy the enemy village; we can’t help that it’ll kill everyone. But I don’t feel right leaving a baby to die. Kakashi, because you’re the only chuunin here, I want you to get the baby and…”Kakashi shook his head before rudely cutting in. “The rulebook says that a shinobi must not deter from his mission. My task is setting charges, not…”Obito growled, “You’d let a baby die because of some stupid book!? You may be a genius, Kakashi, but you can be so stupid sometimes!”“Hey, hey!” the blonde jounin cut in sharply. “Listen to me Kakashi; I understand what the rulebook says. But I’ve also read it, and I distinctly remember a rule that states that a shinobi must follow the orders of their captains to the letter. So I’m commanding you to get that infant and carry it to our meeting place, do you understand me?”“Fine.” Kakashi scoffed as he tightened the mask...

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