Armenian Genocide In The Forgotten Fire By Adam Bagdasarian

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The book “Forgotten Fire” was written by Adam Bagdasarian as a piece of historical fiction. Even though this book isn’t non-fiction it’s still based on true facts about the Armenian Genocide. Vahan is a 12 year old boy living in Bitlis, Turkey. Vahan lives the life of privilege as the youngest son of a wealthy family. Being the youngest son he has 3 brothers by the name or Diran, Tavel, and Sisak. Also he has 2 sisters by the name of Oskina and Armenouhi. This story was based on a true story about the Armenian Genocide in Vahan Kenderian point of view. Throughout the story Vahan is constantly losing friends and family while running for his life from the gendarmes. The Armenian Genocide was lead by Turkey which started in 1923 and lasted for 8 years. The Turkish government killed one and a half million Armenians during the 8 year process. This is an essay on the story of Vahan Kenderian before, during, and after the Armenian Genocide and how it changed his life.
Throughout the story “Forgotten Fire” there are many examples in which Vahan interacts with characters in the story. Depending on the person Vahan interacts differently with other people than with others. This is an example of how he interacts with his brother Sisak when he is still alive “Good night Vahan, Good night Sisak”(Bagdasarian 8). Vahan had a special connection to his uncle in which he interacted with “We had a special rapport, a secret code of winks and half smiles” (Bagdasarian 16). His sister Oskina always comforted him when he needed it and answered him truthfully “I father dead” (Bagdasarian 18). Before his father left the last interacting he had with his father was “He patted my shoulders and went away with the gendarmes” ( Bagdasarian 11). When his mother suggested the idea of escaping with Sisak his mother's words to him...

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