Forgotten Half Of History: Women In Ancient Civilization

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Forgotten Half of History

Women in Ancient civilizations could be seen as a backbone for women today. Women are often seen as inferior to men and their vital role in the unfolding of ancient civilizations. There have been many vital roles that women have played throughout history. Women in all Ancient civilizations faced many of the same hardships, prejudices, and struggles. Two specific ancient civilizations, which had similar aspects, were Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. In these two ancient civilization, women played important roles, which contributed to the shaping of society. In Ancient Rome, there were many women who lived different lives. These consisted of the women who married ordinary men and there were those women who were related to royal people or married wealthy aristocrats with a lot of power. In Ancient Rome, women shared a lot of the same ways of living as Egyptian women but there ways were a bit worse. This was because women had stricter laws against them. Although both ancient civilization were very similar, the role of women in Ancient Egypt when compared to women in Ancient Rome was greater because Egyptian women could play greater role in family, had more economic opportunities, more political rights, and played important roles in religion.
Women in Ancient Egypt shared the same legal and economic rights as men. Women were capable of owning land, slaves, and could obtain possessions for themselves in many ways. This was really interesting because not many women were allowed to have these privileges. In Ancient Egypt, the majority of the Pharaohs were men. Pharaohs were another title for a king or ruler. This title was used during the New Kingdom specifically after the reign of Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut was a very important woman in Ancient Egypt because she was the first woman pharaoh in society and she contributed significantly to the Egyptian culture (Sharp, 25). Other important female pharaohs that contributed were Cleopatra VII, Nefertiti, Twosret, Sobeknofru, Nitocris, and Meryt-Neith. Along with these were many more successful female pharaohs. Cleopatra VII of Egypt was a very important pharaoh or queen because she was the last woman ruler. Women in Ancient Egypt were not always about of a life of royalty; the majority of the women were housewives who led lives of hard work and labor. For example, an ordinary woman would wake up in the morning, prepare breakfast, and then cook the bread for the family. After that, they must bathe and prepare for their long working day. This working day consisted of helping in the fields or working on projects. Some projects were for the government, building temples, pyramids, and other structures. While having...

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