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Forigiving Myself After School Suspension Essay

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Alcohol is a volatile flammable liquid that is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks. It is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel (Dictionary) . Alcohol is a legal drug in the form of liquid that changes the way we feel, think and act. Pure alcohol such as vodka is a colorless drink. It is Odorless and inflammable fluid. Alcohol can be separated into two separate groups: what actually happens ,and what is expected to happen. For example when a person is out with their friends , they might have a lot to drink. Their friend might try to have a conversation with them and in their mind they believe that they are talking straight but in reality they can't even stand up properly. Alcohol basically makes people do things before they think about what they are doing. When they consume too much alcohol they may not be in the right state of mind. When someone is intoxicated they may not know what’s going on in their surroundings or even with themselves. Some cases when a person is intoxicated and other people see them in that state of mind they might want to take advantage of that person. This happens more so often with teens and young adults.

What is an Alcoholic? It means that whenever you see the sight of alcohol you must drink it no matter what anyone says. It means that you can’t say no to alcohol. When someone's an Alcoholic they drink alcohol just because they see other people doing it or because they have nothing better to do with their lives. People that aren’t Alcoholics know their limits and will stop drinking when they feel a little tipsy. Alcoholic will drink a lot and still put a bottle to their head and still drink more. Alcoholic go as far as to passing out wherever they are standing. It may be at the party they are at or even outside on the ground. A lot of mothers would sip some wine after a hard day of work and not get drunk.That is not being an alcoholic. When someone is a Alcoholic and they are stressed so they might end up in the hospital for drinking all their problems away. Some Alcoholic try and impress their friends. Some women feel like if they drink more they would be cool and they wouldn’t be looked at as the odd ball out. Some guys feel like if they drink the most they would look more manlier . Most teens do it because their peers are doing it and they want to do it to.

One night when both my roommate went away to their swimming meet. I was left alone on a Saturday night and decided to go out with some of my friends. I did the normal things before I went out such as took a shower, eat some food and got dressed. It was about 10 O’clock when I was heading out. I made some stupid decisions by drinking too much. When I should of went home I didn’t. My roommates had come back and the swimmers were having a party and I was invited. I decided to go to the party because I was ok and I was walking fine. At the party I
decided to consume even more...

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