Fork Union Military Academy Vrs. A Regular Day School

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Fork Union Military School is the only boarding school I've been to in my entire life, and it's one of the best schools I have ever attended academically. This school will help you in the long run as I was told. This all started one day when my brother was acting up in school. So my parents sent him to a school called Saint Johns Military School. I was surprised and didn't want the same thing to happen to me. Now look at were I'm at now. Fork Union Military Academy is different form other school because of the one subject plan, demerits, being a boarding school and being singled sex.
The one subject plan is a wonderful thing if you really think about it. First it helps you focus on the class your taking because your only doing one subject for about six weeks. This is helpful when you a kid who hasn't been doing to good and needs a place to bring up your grades. Even though there is a down side to the one subject plan just ...view middle of the document...

You TAC is just your adviser for you company. Each company is separated by grade for an example it's 9th graders in the Echo Company. In a regular school they probably don't have this but I know in my old school they had something called think tank. It's were after school you report there and stay until 3:30. Demerits you get and then you have to march off tour which is really just your punishment. It really depends on the military school you attend because I know that my brother didn't hear about demerits until he was here. I know when I attended the middle school you were give a five demerit credits which mean that you only have to get five demerits or low until you will have to start to march tours.
Then there is the obvious which is the boarding school part. Personally I hate the boarding school part. I wish I could be home just enjoying life instead of being around guys for half a year. I don’t know if there is a all boys or an all girls school that is not boarding. I was told by my parents the boarding experience will help prepare for when I start to go to college. I'm pretty sure that in college you don't have as many leaves as you have here. I'm not going to lie though but being in a boarding school might actually be one of the many things
To be in a single sex school is depressing. Sometimes you just can't be around guys to long or else it turn you crazy. I guess it will take about 6-7 years until you will turn psychotic. I understand the point about being in an all boys school now though. It's just so that we wont have the urge to get girls pregnant and start the spread of a FUMA HIV virus. Another reason that could be is that there could be a girl that was almost looked exactly like a guy and everyone. I also know that if a girl was better than me at something that I would go into my room and never come out.
The similarities between Fork Union Military Academy and a regular day school is that if you got to either of them you are going to get an education. Even if it's a bad one or a good one your still having teacher who are sacrificing time and effort to help you get what you need to make it through college and even through life with our relying on you parents or guardian.

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