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Form And Structure Of A Servant To Two Masters

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?A Servant To Two Masters? is the play that I studied. The structure is simplistic but also dynamic. It is quite an unusual play this may be something to do with coming under the genre of Comedia Del Art this is a form of theatre. Groups of actors would travel and perform their improvised plays. Their plays would usually be non-scripted and be very much like a pantomime. If plays were ever written then they would be written after they were performed. Comedia Del Arte was and still is enjoyed by many people. Lower class citizens could enjoy the simplistic storylines, as the upper class would admire the comedy within the play.

Lazzi scenes were used in the plays to make the audience laugh. The spectators would most be looking forward to this part of the play, the only sequence that was rehearsed and written down. Lazzi comes from Lacci, which means cord or ribbon. A Lazzi scene is used to help tie the play together this maybe a metaphor for unravelling the plot.

In ?A Servant To Two Masters? where Truffaldino is serving both of his masters, not knowing the other is there, is a Lazzi scene. These are very similar to modern day pantomime so they are extremely over exaggerated and give the play a sense of cohesion. Lazzi scenes were spontaneous, however most of them were rigorously rehearsed and the insertion in performance was sometimes pre planned, they added light humour to the play and were enjoyed by the audience so when Truffaldino was the surprising protagonist he played a great role, as he was a foolish character.

A strong narrative is used throughout the play. There is use of soliloquy, which were humorous. Smeraldina?s speech about men ?If women had a position in this society that was equal to their tact intelligence and ability to get things done you...

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