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Formal Recommendation To Purchase A New Atv

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This report shows how the maintenance department can increase work efficiency. The improvements will result from purchasing a new ATV.
     This report focuses on the aspects of purchasing a new ATV to reach the maintenance department’s goal. The evaluating criteria include: rack capacity, towing capacity, ground clearance, fuel capacity, and cost. To improve the work efficiency of the maintenance department, the 2000 Yamaha Grizzly should be purchased.


This report recommends the purchase of a new four wheel drive ATV. Using the internet for resources, the choice has been narrowed to two: 2000 Yamaha Grizzly and 2000 Honda Foreman ES.
     Each ATV has been evaluated using the following criteria, in descending order of importance.

     ■     Rack Capacity

     ■     Towing Capacity

     ■     Ground Clearance

     ■     Fuel Capacity

     ■     Cost

The current 1987 model ATV does not meet the new required standards for the maintenance department. The 1987 model ATV does not have a front cargo rack and the rear cargo rack has a maximum capacity of only 75 lbs. The towing capacity for the 1987 model ATV cannot exceed 500 lbs. Ground clearance for the current ATV is a mere 5 in. The fuel capacity for the current ATV is just 1.9 gal. Table 1 (shown below) shows the standard for each criteria.
Table 1.
New Standard Criteria vs. Current ATV

Criteria Standard Current ATV

Rack Capacity                75 lbs/150 lbs 0 lbs/75 lbs

Towing Capacity 800 lbs 500 lbs

Ground Clearance 7.5 in 6.5 in

Fuel Capacity Largest 1.9 gal

Cost Cheapest N/A


In each of the following criteria sections the desired standard for the two ATV’s being compared will be stated. The information provided for these sections was obtained from product specification guides.

Rack Capacity

The ATV’s rack capacity needs to exceed 75 lbs on the front rack and 150 lbs on the rear rack. This is to accommodate tool storage for the maintenance employee.

2000 Yamaha Grizzly. “The 2000 Yamaha Grizzly has a front rack capacity of 99 lbs and the rear rack capacity is 187 lbs”(2000 Grizzly Specifications 1).

2000 Honda Foreman ES. “The Foreman has front and rear cargo rack payloads of 66 and 132 pounds respectively”(Honda Motorcycles: 3000EX Engineering 1).

Conclusion. The Yamaha Grizzly exceeded...

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