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Formal Debate Essay

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Cell phones they are everywhere nowadays, they have become a need in the eye of the public. One feels much more connected to others with a cell phone in hand. Social Networking apps and texting, aid one to be more connected and closer to others around them. Cellphones serve as a reassurance that if one is in an accident, they have a resource to call for help. It’s not only adults who need a cell phone youth twelve and over should have one for the same reasons as adults do. The number one reason one buys a cell phone is to feel safe if an accident occurs. Adults are not the only one who accidents happen to youth are prone to them as well. For example, kidnappings happen mainly to preteens who have become more independent and have not yet learned how to keep to safe since they are very naïve. GPS trackers are fairly common in cell phones, providing a peace of mind as to where the child ...view middle of the document...

But to get more personalized for a twelve year old, the apps for them are more student based evidently. Engrade is a very popular app because most teachers use it to remind students about due dates, it also shows the child’s current grade in that class. It makes it more convenient to message the teacher. A cell phone can help students who are prone to forgetting, remember due dates by acting like an agenda. Most teachers allow students to use their cell phone to research while supervising them. It is not too hard to be productive when one phone goes off every two minutes reminding one about upcoming due dates from my personal experience. Humans love being connected to others since the time of cavemen, consistently throwing parties and planning get together are all the rave these days. With a cell phone now one does not have to be with someone in person in order to be connected, a simple text does the job fairly well. It also makes the child feel more accepted since almost everyone has a cell phone. It is not only people from school a cell phone connects one with. A cell phone connects one with the world, breaking news headlines can read nearly instantaneously. Alerting what is happening in countries around the world. Along with telling one where one’s friends are with the GPS tracker. Cellphones help bring the human race closer as a whole. Cellphones teach responsibility more than an iPod will. It makes one more aware of taking good care of ones possessions. As well managing time by making sure the battery lasts the whole day. It also is a sign that the parent’s trust the child to be more independent. When one becomes independent the responsibility that comes with that is like flour in a cake very important. One is not born responsible one learns it. In conclusion, a cell phone provides a resource to call for help, if an accident occurs. They also help one stay organized and productive. Cellphones make one more connected to others around one and the world. Lastly, a cell phone teaches one how to be responsible. Therefore, it should be mandatory for youth twelve and over to be equipped with a cell phone.

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