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‘Formal Training Is The Best Way To Develop Work Related Skills.’ Critically Discuss This Statement, With Reference To An Organisation With Which...

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‘Formal training is the best way to develop work-related skills.’ Critically discuss this statement, with reference to an organisation with which you are familiar.

We start to learn as early as our first day. It happened involuntarily from unstructured processes within the family and during leisure time. This kind of informal learning is invisible and cannot be recognised, accessed and qualified. We then went to school and started formal learning – some individuals keep going whilst others choose to stop earlier and others choose to continue engaging in formal learning which lead to qualifications relevant to the job they are presently doing. Nonetheless, all the skills acquired through the years have developed and improved by time making us into an educated individual.

It was then in 2007 that Malta’s National Reform Programme identified the importance of ‘flexible pathways and certification of formal and non-formal qualifications/skills aimed primarily at adult learners and motivating lifelong learning so as to ensure a flexible, adaptive, and employable workforce’. Tendency is that skills which are to your interest are developed faster. This leads on to the fact that different jobs require different skills and knowledge. I can relate this to my own daily experience, where I work as a secretary in the morning and running a catering centre at night to try and make meets end. The secretarial, organisational and managerial skills required in the morning are not relevant skills within the catering business. The skills developed from that job are more customer care oriented and about money handling. For skills to be acquired training and development are needed. Learning at work is very complex as it differs according to the workplace depending on the sector and what type of work and occupation is undertaken. Due to today’s ongoing need of renewal of approaches, workforce problems and increase in industrial competition as well as a rapid advance in technology, companies need to be more effective on how to teach new productive and competitive skills to all workers. Workers are constantly bombarded with innovation and change. These changes bring along new knowledge, skills and competencies for the workers who need to keep updated so as not to loose the job. These skills could be acquired on-the-job, short in-house training courses, short external courses, job rotation, mentoring and coaching. All these methods could be grouped into formal, informal and non-formal training.

Formal learning is highly structured with particular aims and objectives with a written curriculum. An example is the case with a teacher who passes on her knowledge to her students. It refers to learning by attending a course or program according to a specified curriculum and which success is affirmed by successful performance in passing tests of knowledge leading to accreditation of certificates, licences and recognised qualifications such as a diploma or...

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