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Shoes play a significant role in revealing an individual’s character, personality, and perspective, obtained through important life experiences. In Cinderella, glass slippers are used to portray Cinderella’s character. Glass is fragile and easily broken; However, Cinderella’s glass slippers never break, despite the impact of weight and occasional dropping. Similarly, Cinderella never breaks under the harsh conditions of her disrespectful step-sisters and the never ending list of chores (Cinderella’s gla…). In mythology, Hermes’ personality of superiority as a god is expressed through winged sandals, which Homer referred to as “divine and of gold” (Talaria). In All Quiet on the Western ...view middle of the document...

Thus, what was the significance in the death of a single soldier? “Boots were more valuable and durable than a human life” (All Qui…).
One reason boots were extremely valuable was because they carried with them a sense of pride. “To die with one’s boots on means to die while one is still actively involved in work, to go down fighting” (Boots). Boots, especially worn boots, symbolized the pride obtained through the strenuous effort put forth by a soldier for his comrades and for his country. This pride was almost identical to the pride of dying for a good cause, without actual death occurring.
The pride and the greater chance of survival were carried in one extremely valuable pair of boots from one soldier to the next. Originally a pair of dead airman’s boots, the boots were taken by Kemmerich. Müller greedily removed the boots from Kemmerich’s possession following the amputation. Paul was the recipient of the boots after Müller’s death. Paul continues this cycle by promising the boots to Tjaden in the case that he dies. The boots went through several different owners over a period of time; yet the boots never seemed to lose value. The soldier chosen to be the recipient was just as thrilled as recipients past. Similarly, the spirit of comradeship and the solidarity of the soldiers never lost value (All Qui…). In The Heroes, Joe Abercrombie described comradery in writing, “Clasping hands with his crew before the fight, knowing he’d die for them and they for him. The trust, the brotherhood, the love, the knit closer than family” (Quotes Ab…). This spirit never dies.
In the same way, Cinderella’s glass...

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