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Forming an issue
Issue: Land Degradation
Concern: land degradation, which is essentially erosion of the soil not only deteriorate the land but also causes several other complications in the nature that impacts the ecosystem and in turn humans. The major concern is relating to the food supply that these grounds cultivate.
Causes: land degradation is caused by a number of reasons. To outline a couple would be coupled with human development. The major causes are deforestation in an effort to grow more food for the increasing number of population; overgrazing, agriculture that destroys the arable land beyond repair; industrialization are some of the major causes of land degradation.
Political: Since there is a scarcity of food in the world; countries and political leaders would soon be at war with each other. This would cause several other problems and questions to arise such as, who gets the leftover food? Will it be a developed country that has both money and power? Or should it be an underdeveloped or developing country such as India and China that has a high population and many stomachs to feed. Such questions would cause massive disturbance in the way the government of the nations function. It could potentially also ruin the relationships that countries have with each other. The impact of land degradation lengthens to not only one sector or part of the community, but having a global impact.
Environmental: land degradation causes the land to erode. This erosion of land causes an arable land to become dry and infertile. This in turn causes animals that depend on the specific vegetation, to migrate to other lands. Migrations of animals or birds would cause a huge disturbance on the ecosystem of a certain place and as a result affecting the people that live in that area as well. It causes a major threat to the biodiversity, constancy of the ecosystem, and disturbs the delicate relationship between the ecosystems across the world because of its interconnectivity. Dry land would cause the soil to become sediments in the river systems, clogging the rivers and therefore causing inadequate amount of water from reaching the public. Lastly, an increase in the soil erosion would produce more greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.
Social: The social implications of land degradations would cause farmers and people who are dependent on the food that is cultivated from these lands would have to relocate themselves or find other means of survival. Since there are approximately 100 million hectares of land that are lost every year to land degradation ( Cartwright, Earle, Hurlington page 8); this would impact people to change their lifestyles and adapt to something new. It would also cause people to starve and live on very little food. Also, it is important to note that food and agriculture are the core or the heart of every religion and culture. Therefore, because of food shortages many cultures would also have to change their...

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