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Racial Discrimination:According to the Australian Human Right and Equal Opportunity Commission, racial discrimination is the treatment of someone less fairly because of his or her race, color, descent, national origin or ethnic origin than someone of a different 'race' would be treated in a similar situation.Racial Discrimination is not only reflected in personal attitudes and behaviors, it can be expressed in values, presumptions, structures and processes of social, economic, cultural and political institutions. Such institutional racial discrimination is less direct and harder to identify than personal beliefs and behaviors. Structures and processes may appear as non-discriminatory but in fact operate to advantage some groups over others.The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) makes racial discrimination unlawful in Australia. The legislation covers all of Australia and can be used to ensure everyone is treated equally, regardless of his or her race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin. The Racial Discrimination Act covers discrimination in areas such as employment, renting or buying property, the provision of goods and services, accessing public places and in advertising.Aged Discrimination:Age discrimination occurs when an opportunity is denied to a person solely because of their age and where age is irrelevant to the person's ability to take advantage of that opportunity. Direct age discrimination happens when a person is treated less favorably because of their age than a person of another age group would be treated in the same or similar circumstances.Discrimination also happens when there is a requirement, condition or practice that is the same for everyone but has an unfair effect on a person of a particular age. This is known as indirect discrimination.The Age Discrimination Act 2004 prohibits less favorable treatment not only because of age, but also because of characteristics generally pertaining to age and characteristics generally imputed to people of that age.Sex Discrimination (Gender: Women):Sex discrimination against women occurs when a woman is treated less fairly than another person because of her sex or marital status or because she is pregnant. This is direct discrimination. Indirect discrimination can also occur when a requirement that is the same for everyone has an unfair effect on women because of their sex, marital status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy.The Sex...

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926 words - 4 pages possible solution to the problem may be to encourage diversity in the workplace. As stated before, this country has became a lot less tolerant of discrimination than it formerly was, but it is still an issue today. Workplace discrimination lawsuits cost our country's businesses 64 billion dollars annually (Burns). There are several different types of discrimination, such as direct, indirect, harassment, and victimization. The victim is treated

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525 words - 2 pages good faith effort by employees to address past and/or present discrimination through a variety of specific, results-oriented procedures. This is a step beyond equal opportunity laws that simply ban discriminatory practices. There are four main types of affirmative action that an employer may use. They include: · Aggressive recruiting to expand the pool of candidates for job openings; · Evaluating and updating selection tools and criteria to

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904 words - 4 pages U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)Despite federal and state laws prohibiting employment discrimination based uopn age, older workers ofter are fired on the basis of false and negative stereo types and suffer disappointment when employers lay off workers. Older workers who lose their jobs have difficulty finding a job that is the same or payscale is the same when there employment is terminateed. Workers still face employment

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862 words - 4 pages , 2012). Employers can prevent discrimination by having policy and procedures in place that prohibit discrimination and possible law suites. A zero tolerance policy can be set in place against any types of discrimination, and strictly enforced if this happens (Pi-Yu & Kleiner, 2001). They also need to make it easy for employees to report alleged discrimination, so those allegations can be investigated. Also a company should send their management

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769 words - 4 pages have to distinguish between the various types of price discrimination and before that it is important to note that there are three necessary conditions for a firm to practise price discrimination, namely, the firm must be a price maker, the elasticity of demand must be different in the different markets and finally, the market must be clearly separated. To begin with, the extent to which the monopolist can grab consumer surplus, which is "the

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1511 words - 7 pages , because of the transportation or delivering cost differential, which considered as a geographical cost justification. This report demonstrates the price discrimination in a monopolist market, the three conditions that should be satisfied in order for price discrimination to occur, and the degrees and types of price discrimination. Furthermore, there are three substantial conditions that should be satisfied in order for price discrimination to

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1192 words - 5 pages . Riordan. The company employs more than 500 people and is headquartered in San Jose, California with plants in Georgia, Michigan, and Hangzhou, China. This paper will determine types of discrimination that may occur within Riordan Manufacturing along with evaluating the ethical and legal duties of management.The first possible type of discrimination within the Riordan Organization is Age Discrimination. In the company Intranet, under the human resource

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1687 words - 7 pages changes in the law, but also continually review and adapt their policies and practices as needed to protect their company (Maatman, 2014). This report discusses key HRM issues regarding discrimination and presents recommended practical methods to reduce exposures to liability lawsuits alleging employment discrimination. The first section of this report defines key terms used in discussing types of employment-related discrimination, and briefly

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1165 words - 5 pages "Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the single most important piece of legislation that has helped to shape and define employment law rights in this country (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2001)". Title VII prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, gender, disability, religion and national origin. However, it was racial discrimination that was the moving force of the law that created a whirlwind of a variety of

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