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Formula Essay

8060 words - 32 pages

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MATH FORMULAS & FUNDAS For CAT, XAT & Other MBA Entrance Examinations
Ravi Handa Avinash Maurya

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On more than one occasion, students have come to me asking for some sort of list of important formulas for CAT, XAT and other MBA Entrance Examinations. The best solution that I could suggest to them was to look at any good MBA-prep book or material from a coaching institute. More often than not, they have the formulas at the beginning or the end or scattered throughout the chapter. Till now, there exists no comprehensive list / book of formulas and fundas. So, Avinash and I thought of making one. Once the idea gathered some momentum various management training portals came on board to help us distribute it via their channels. We hope that our effort will not be in vain and it would prove beneficial for students. We would love to hear what you think of the eBook. For that you can use the feedback page or contact us directly. Our contact details are given at the end of the eBook.
Ravi Handa & Avinash Maurya
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Number System
Modern Math

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Remainder / Modular Arithmetic
Laws of Indices
Last digit of an
Factor Theory
Divisibility Rules
Algebraic Formulae
Base System Concepts

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