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The nation we live in cannot pretend to be perfect nor will it ever be; wars, both violent and silent, are fought to form the laws, places, and people we know. The solutions that are forever written down in history books are composed of a great deal of persuasion. With segregation, those who desire equal rights choose this method to attempt a revolution. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. eventually becomes one of the most well-known activists for the desegregation of the South. King uses logos in “Letter from Birmingham Jail” along with an honest, influential, and knowledgeable tone to clarify the reasons behind his actions that put him in jail in Birmingham.
King demonstrates honesty in his words to the clergymen by having no secrets about his agenda. He immediately explains what brings him and keeps him in Birmingham. He informs the clergymen that even though they call him an “outsider coming in,” he is invited in as a leader of a Christian organization in the south, and he points out that as long as a person lives within the United States, that person cannot be regarded as an “outsider” (131). King goes on to reveal that what really keeps him in Birmingham is the injustice that engrosses the city and the entire south that he believes is, in part, his responsibility to resolve. He makes it clear that, if not for the waiting before beginning any nonviolent protests, he would not stay quite as long. He points out a double standard to the clergymen that they have about the events going on throughout Birmingham. King is displeased with the clergymen commending the policemen instead of the noble protesters, but he understands that in time “the South will recognize its heroes” (141). He wants the clergymen to understand that treating black people like they are inferior to white people is wrong. He hopes to get this point across to them with this letter. King tells the clergymen quite frankly how he expected to be supported by white religious groups, but disappointment is the result. He feels that the white church should be a strong ally, but he is clearly proven wrong. The church sits silently on the sidelines while injustice ensues. The silence brings King to ask himself, as he sees the beautiful churches of the south, “Who is their God?” (139).
Dr. King proves influential to a number of people who believe in his argument for equal rights for all citizens. Instead of only talking about trying to change what is going on in Birmingham, he takes action. King is not afraid to face imprisonment for standing up for what is right. When direct action becomes necessary and he is called on, he follows through with his promise. He knows what steps to take in nonviolent protest in order to be effective. King addresses the comment that his actions were untimely by telling the clergymen that black people “have waited more than 340 years for their constitutional God-given rights” (133). He tries to negotiate first, but when agreements are made, they are not followed...

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