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Formulate A Plan To Complete Tasks

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After reviewing the tasks of supervision as described by Lee and Everest (2004), I have begun to assess the process of completing the tasks of being a supervisor. Tasks help individuals achieve goals and set a path for success, because the role of a supervisor is to provide professional growth, and development of the clinical supervisee there is a need for both parties to understand each other’s goals and needs.
Having set tasks in supervision provide protection for the wellbeing of the client so they are not harmed by the training supervisee, and allow supervisors to monitor the supervisee’s performance to make sure that the supervisee is practicing within the guidelines therapy. The clinical supervisor is the “gatekeeper for the profession,” as they are responsible for teaching and empowering the supervisee to become competent therapists that can provide services independently and ethically while having a healing influence on their clients. One of the tasks of a supervisor is to be responsible for the work of the supervisee, and evaluate their work consistently to insure the best quality of care. I plan on conducting regular weekly checkup evaluations, and more in depth monthly evaluations. As a supervisor I want to be clear and concrete on how and when the supervisee will be evaluated.
The supervisee will be informed on the methods used to evaluate their performance (i.e., video, live observation, etc…), how often the evaluation process will take place, and what role the supervisee has in this process. During the evaluation process I will also address the goals and learning objectives for the supervisee; therefore, there are clear expectations of what is needed to completed supervision successfully. The supervisee will be given a written copy of the evaluation process that will help them become aware of all of the components of the evaluative process. The use of a written copy helps reduce conflict and disagreements that may during the supervision process. In addition, the contract has been formulated with all the parties’ involvement and has been signed after the expectations and goals have been agreed to, it becomes a legal document that helps the process of supervision remain a positive and respectful relationship. I also plan on being thorough with my documents of supervision by including: time and date I met with supervisee, what was discussed, what goals were formulated, how the goals or decisions were made, whether the goals has been attended to, future and current complications of problematic cases, difficult cases that was problematic and needed further attention, and feedback from both supervisor and supervisee (e.g., what was helpful or unhelpful during the supervision process).
There are strategies that I plan on using to reduce legal and ethical conflicts in the supervision process, such as having a written contract between the supervisor, and supervisee regarding the scope and expectations in supervision. I plan on...

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