Forresters Motors – Iso 9001 Implementation

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As a newly founded company, Forresters Motor, our main focus will be on the manufacturing of electrical universal motors specified for washers. We look to implement a quality management system into the workforce over the coming years. By working with BSI, the company seeks to achieve ISO 9001 as we believe this will give us a massive competitive advantage and help kick-start our business into a successful direction.
ISO 9001 is the standard recognised internationally for the quality management of our business. This will help keep us on top and control the standard of quality across all of our operations. With ISO 9001 in place, we believe our company will continue to improve each year and compete with close by company rivals.
BSI can provide various packages which can help and steady the process of gaining this certificate, which is extremely helpful as we are newly founded. I believe we are starting in the right direction as this certificate will bring many advantages. We will constantly meet customer demands in addition to increase the efficiency of our electric motors. Furthermore, by increasing the standard of the manufacturing process, we will reduce defects, which will lead to less money spent on scraps, thus, saving the company money.
The first task involved in implementing the ISO 9001 was to appoint a quality manager. His role was to dictate the standard at which our company produced our goods. The budget allocated was £30,000 which was to cover everything involved with implementing the new system. Ten employees would then be fully trained followed by an internal audit which would eventually lead to inviting a 3rd party organization to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate. The full stages involved are;
• Management buy-in and commitment
• Training of staff
• Appropriate documentation
• Policy
• Internal audit procedures
• Registration process
• Obtaining of certificate
I appointed a manager for each department and gathered them together for a meeting to discuss the need to prevent defects within the manufacturing process. This group was known as the steering group. It was important that I communicated with each manager, and not motivated so the effects were long lasting. The meeting lasted one hour and a company policy was created. This policy gave our company the direction in which we should go to start obtaining this new standard of quality and should convey the company’s organizational goals and expectations and needs of its customers (BSI, 1994). The steering group will have priority in making sure this policy is followed at all times. Each manager within the steering group has a responsibility to make sure that their department are fully supportive of the new system. They eventually set out goals to obtain over the calculated three year period required for achieving ISO 9001.
The next step was to inform all the employees how much having non quality in the production process would cost. The steering group explained an exemplary...

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