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What is yours will come to you. Those were the words Alahandro’s mother had chosen for her farewell as she dropped him off at the SRC. Alahandro’s mother had uttered those same words when she first felt him to be a blessing in her arms, and she had repeated them throughout his life for as long as he could remember.
In reality, Alahandro had never thought much of it. It was one of those things his mother would say to him whenever they needed to have a serious talk about his life. He had dismissed it as something common long ago.
He waved as he watched her turn back around the way they had come from and drive off. A minute later, and she vanished behind the thick coverlet of morning fog. With ...view middle of the document...

He crossed his arms, pulling his jacket closer to fight against the chill of solitude.
But, nervous as he was, Alahandro was far from being unexcited. He had aspired for this opportunity since his older siblings became recruits themselves.
Being a superhero was what every Superhuman aspired to be. Those who didn’t were just, in Alahandro’s opinion, unusual. It meant being someone in the world. It meant doing something for others. It was like being famous for saving lives. In fact, that’s exactly what it was.
The most famous superhero team in New York was the Forces of Nature, and Alahandro’s siblings just happened to be on that team. Alahandro was very proud of that and looked up to them immensely. He could think of no other profession he’d enjoy more than following in their footsteps.
Suddenly, the double doors of the S.R.C. opened and a large man walked in. He wore the same uniform they did, though his jacket had a shiny blue star pinned to it.
Everybody in the room turned to look at this man, intimidated. He was tall, powerful, and assertive with dark features. His eyes swept over the recruits for a moment with an unreadable expression before clearing his throat to speak.
“When I call your name,” he said, loud and clear, “you will enter the bus.” He jabbed his thumb to a wide bus parked out front. He pulled out a folded piece of paper from his breast pocket and began to call out their names in no particular order. “Maia Arrighi.”
Maia Arrighi was tall and blonde with a regal quality in her appearance and the way she walked out the door. Alahandro felt mesmerized for a moment; he shook his head and regained control of his senses.
“Séafra Arrighi.”
Séafra Arrighi was tall, too, and looked to be the oldest of the recruits, probably in his early twenties. Alahandro observed him as he lazily walked out the door. His facial expression annoyed Alahandro. He seemed to have a high opinion of himself, as if he was calling the shots.
“Blaike Carson.”
Blaike Carson seemed the completely opposite of Séafra, though similar in a way. While both appeared self-confident, Blaike did not have the arrogant demeanor Séafra gave off. In fact, Blaike seemed quite friendly.
“Randalph Hayward.”
Alahandro couldn’t really say much of Randalph. He looked somewhat serious, though that could’ve been attributed to nerves.
“Kendrah Soares.”
Kendrah Soares was a mix of them all. She looked confident and resilient, yet her facial expression was warm and caring. She seemed well-balanced and composed.
Alahandro’s stomach dropped. He had been so intent on scrutinizing the others that he didn't realize he was the only one there. Heart thumbing, hands twitching, Alahandro tried to regain his composure.
“Alahandro Caito.”
With an attempt to keep his steps evenly paced, Alahandro followed the man outside to the bus. It was a lot more crowded than he expected. Every chair had been taken, so people were forced to stand instead. Long metal poles from floor to ceiling spread about...

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