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Fortress America. This Essay Talks About Increased Security After 9/11 And What The Us Has Done To Protect Its Citizens.

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In this time of war America must defend itself from outsiders. This article really tells how far America will go to protect the people. After 9-11 we mush watch anyone and everyone, but America is so big that it would be hard to just put a barrier around the whole U.S., that's why we are fighting this war so we don't have another 9-11 on our hands. Homeland security is a big thing to Americans these days; would they do anything to protect themselves, their family, and their nation? I think as an American we would so, yes this could mean the end of privacy for a while but not forever."Soft targets" are so hard to protect because we have so many of them, it could be your local mall, movie theater, or zoo. You have no idea that's why it is so hard. It's not like they are going to attack Fort Riley, because it's heavily guarded so that's why they aim for targets that they know there are a mass of people there and know they can cause a lot of damage. I mean you have to think about it why go for an army officer at the gate of a fort and get shot down, or just go to the local mall where you can get thousands. It just seems that the "soft targets" are so small yet so big.In the Unite States We are not used to protecting our selves from terrorist attacks, because we are the super power, no one really messes with us so when stuff like this happen we were pretty unprepared. On the other hand Israel is used to these kinds of terrorist attacks and knows how to prevent them. As allies Israel is helping America prepare for any attacks. America is learning to look for things out of the ordinary, protect places like harbors and buildings. When people from Israel come to the U.S. they go to the mall and see how there is limited security they feel that going to the mall is too risky and think that America should "beef up" security.Americans will do anything to keep safe. If it means losing their privacy so be it. At first we will fight it saying it against our rights and that it is not fair, then when the attacks come and start rattling our nation, then this is when we will give up our privacy to the government. I mean you would do anything to stop another 9-11, the way it looked so unreal like right out of a movie, seeing more of that would bring us down as a super...

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