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Fortunate Son Essay

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Take a moment, and imagine over 58,000 dead American soldiers, mangled, and bloody, covering the war torn ground of Vietnam. It’s a terrible sight that stinks of rotting bodies, and the twisted face of lifeless young men staring at the sky in horror. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and Creedence Clearwater Revival knew that. They wrote plenty of songs, but one truly spoke out against the war in Vietnam, titled Fortunate Son. It touches on subjects like the, how the privileged were not drafted, the split between the rich, and working class, and how the government will war support as black mail against it’s own citizens. Although, how did the United States end up in Vietnam in the first place?
It all started with the French fighting a war against all of Indochina, and the U.S providing aid to the French in the late 1940’s. Even with the aid of America, Ho Chi Minh defeated the French in 1954, but America decided to become officially involved in an attempt to defeat the North Vietnamese communists. Eisenhower, addressed the United States with what he called the “Domino Effect,” basically stating that if we allow communism it will spread all over the world.
Time passed, and in 1964 it was reported that the North Vietnamese in international waters attacked the USS Maddox. However, this was not true. It was true the USS Maddox was attacked, but the second attack in international waters that was used as the catalyst to light the cannons of war, was a lie. Despite this fact, Secretary of Defense McNamara pushed the United States to all out war against the North Vietnamese communists. By 1968 we had over 500,000 troops drafted, and fighting in Vietnam.
The year of 1968 was also the year of the Tet offensive, when American troops repelled a major attack by the North. Even though the defense against the North was successful, a huge number of U.S soldiers died. The ripple of death could be felt all across our broken country, and for the first time in a long time, citizens stood up against the government. It was the beginning of the pro and anti war division that occurred in the United States, and by the 1970’s there were huge anti-war protests.
This was also the same year that Creedence Clearwater Revival, released,...

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