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Fortune And Fate Essay

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Wheel of Fortune, Las Vegas and love at first sight are all examples of the human conflict with Fate versus Chance. Humans by nature have a natural curiosity towards what is in store for them. Poets, authors, songwriters and artists have described this fascination, but none that I have encountered has described the turbulence one can encounter with such accuracy like the above verse, which was written in the Middle Ages. The idea of destiny versus chance has been a topic for social debate as long as there has been the conflict of science and religion. It is fascinating to ponder the possibility that humankind may be following a predetermined path or the chance that we all may be headed towards a certain goal, no matter what we do along the way, call it heaven or hell.Certain chains of events in my life have developed my belief that many different paths lead to the same goal. In other words, there are many different paths down which fortune may go, but in the end, no matter what the outcome may be, there is an end to it all that would equalize everything that has occurred in my life. That view is based on a faith in predetermined destiny, which implies that there is a general plan for a lifespan set by God, but it must be lived out. I do not like to accept idea of total fate because I do not like the feeling that I am not in control, and I feel that we need some control over our destiny or we would not really be humans with free will, yet I believe that all things are set on a path at the beginning of their existence. If people find their way off the path, God is can help them back, no matter if they believe that they are being helped or if they remain completely oblivious to that fact.I live my life from one moment to the next, hoping that it will not be my last. Fate can deal a bad card or it can improve my life considerably. Even the way things are viewed can directly affect the way that things continue to go. Once, a very good friend of mine, who was always ready to listen to me rant on about nothing in particular, recently got engaged to his girlfriend. Now normally, this would seem a good thing, but I think that is an unhealthy relationship. Although I do not agree with his decision to get married at such a young age, as they both just graduated from high school, I respect his...

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