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Fortune Telling: Can The Towns Go Crazy?

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Foreword This concise treatise about fortune telling consists of selections from a wide variety of documents, most of them primary sources, many of them hitherto unpublished unless otherwise noted, we have rendered them into English ourself. They are written by men close to fortune telling; often by eyewitnesses; frequently by active participants. We have the temerity to believe that this essay can be used as a supplementary reader in high schools and colleges. However, it has been put together primarily for the enjoyment of those who are curious about what fortune telling is all about. Since it is an essay primarily for the youth, there will be inevitably be many who will violently disagree with our choice of topic. If someone becomes sufficiently enraged to resolve to suggest a better topic rather than fortune telling, we shall consider our essay amply rewarded. The sources from which the essay presented is derived are indicated in the "reference" located at the latter part of this treatise. Our most sincere thanks are due to the Sociology for enabling the people, regardless of their race and colour, especially the youth, to be critical observer, thus putting his observation to writing which could probably be used as a source of hope in our future lives.Marlon Jesus E. Vasquez Raymond M. Ugalino Maria Cristina Mondares University of Santo TomasEspana, ManilaAcknowledgementsOur sincere thanks are due to the following persons and institutions that help us make this paper possible:To the University of Santo Tomas Library for making their resources available for our use.To the University of the Philippines Library for lending Cristina Mondares their books, although she is a UST student, for the use of this paper.To Prof. Froilan Alipao, for giving us the opportunity to practice our writing skills and abilities to analyze things sociologically.To Dr. Arlo Salvador, our adviser, who is always there for us in times of our problems.To the UST Sociological Society for making us feel that we are in a big family.To all our friends who are always there to make us laugh.To our family, who always supported us in anyway they can. "Mahal po namin kayo."Above all, to the Lord God Almighty, to whom we owe our lives. We share this paper to You God. "Thanks for the blessings."Objectives It is quite surprising, having several choices of topics, that we have chose fortune telling. It is common to Asian countries as well as in other parts of the west to consult fortunetellers primarily because of the belief that consulting these fortunetellers would enable them to plan ahead their lives thus avoiding misfortunes. The main goal of this essay is to lay some significant facts about fortune telling. This will give the reader a glimpse of fortune telling's origin, practices, market and its effect...

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