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Welcome back to the year 2014. We pray and hope that this year brings much happiness, peace, tranquilities and of course, some sweet smiles on your faces. After all, making you laugh despite the economic hardship and everyday adversaries and challenges is the aim of Kata Kata magazine. I hope we had achieved this noble vision last year.
Talking about smiles and challenges, the cankerworm in South Sudan and the Central African Republic comes into mind. Unfortunately, while we are praying and hoping that the 2014 ushers in peace and prosperity, our brothers and sisters in the Central African Republic and the newest independent country in the world, South Sudan, are tirelessly struggling to ...view middle of the document...

Very few believe that the present political hemorrhage, bleeding in the country is not as a result of corruption, nepotism and the aggressive monopoly of the political bed and cake by a certain privileged group of people or ethnic group. See more:
Aha! Before you accuse the Nuer, Shilluk, Toposa, Murle, Azande, Bari, Baggara ethnic groups of excessive political libido or an uncontrollable urge for the Dinka’s bed, it may please you to know that neither President Kiir nor his ethnic group are attracted to these seductions from other ethnic groups. Shoo!! You want to seduce me? I’ll let you know I am too tough to pin down. Don’t even go there! Face frowned like someone who has just stepped on the hot monkey feces; “In bed with me?” President Kiir would question angrily while stroking his he-goat beard. Feeling rejected and yet insisting on knowing why their “brothers” have totally refused to share the same political bed with them, these brides – ethnic groups wanted an answer from the president. President Kiir was not amused. Sharing what? Who is a harlot here?
Excuse me? Sharing my bed with others at this critical time when many African countries diligently scrutinize such a practice? No, I guess it is the other way round, Mr President. Many African countries are presently encouraging just the opposite in the African political arena. No victor. No vanquish. Sharing with the capable hands to achieve the best results. I guess this is the new African political gospel. But is everyone listening? Who is pretentious here? Oh yes, the latest antagonism against gay in Africa would provide a good cover for President Kiir or his brothers who hang on to power. A good cover from the Harmattan wind of change. Definitely, the British colonial past could have given President Salva Kiir and his Dinka tribe a good excuse and political blanket for what other tribes call huge power and control and discriminatory attitude towards them. Yes, the colonial masters might have brought in ethnic consciousness cum “divide and rule” system, which gave certain ethnic groups more “rights” and “privileges”over others. Aha! You now understand why the Dinkas might think they have the “privilege” to the bed and cake – the political bed and cake - over other tribes? Does it tell you why this Dinka group might just stubbornly refuse to go into any kind of political marriage with other ethnic suitors, talk less sharing that cake and bed with them?
But President Kiir seems less interested in using the British past to justify the present political Armageddon in South Sudan. Just leave the Britian out of it? “Sharing of bed with others?” Ahaa, it seems President Kiir and his power brokers omit that word “political” (as in “political bed”)...

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