Fossil Gaps Essay

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Fossil Gaps

“The study of fossils provides strong evidence for evolution.” (Campbell, 260) Or does it? The fact is that the fossil record is a silent testimony against Darwin’s erroneous theories of the fossil record documenting his idea of macroevolution. The book, Biology: Concepts and Connections (hereafter referred to as Biology), clearly agrees with the evolutionary outlook of “fossils [being] a rich source of evidence for evolution.” (Campbell, 260) However, this book, along with most evolutionists, avoids the substantial questions the fossil record actually represents.

In the rock layers of the earth, scientists have found many fossils (preserved traces of plants and animals). According to evolutionary paleontologists (scientists studying fossil remains), the history of this world is recorded in the rocks that make up the earth’s crust and the fossils that they contain. Evolutionists claim that these rocks have been forming, wearing away, and reforming since the world began. (Halbach, 387) Although Biology often overlooks the criteria arguing against evolution, it still contains the gaps that the evolutionary theory possesses. Among these gaps are the arguments against the fossil record – circular reasoning, reversed geological columns, polystrate fossils, sediment accumulation, inconclusive physical evidence, and lack of transitional fossils. A scientist named Gliedman gives an excellent summary reflecting upon the latter dispute:

“No fossil or other physical evidence directly connects man to ape.... The problem for gradualists [those who support gradual evolution or orthodox Darwinian evolution] is that... these ancestral species remain essentially unchanged throughout their ‘million-year life spans’, yet each of them differs substantially from its immediate predecessor.” (Glideman, 90-91)

Biology holds the evolutionary view of older fossils deep in the strata are those of the primitive evolving organisms. The youngest rocks, which are on the topmost strata of the earth’s crust, are supposed to contain fossils of organisms which have more recently evolved – and therefore are similar to organisms alive today. Geologists and paleontologists have devised a geological time chart to show what they assume to be the evolutionary outline of the earth’s history. According to this time scale, the earth’s history can be divided into eras; each era can be subdivided into periods; and each period can be further divided into epochs.

This geologic time chart is said to correspond to the geological column (vertical rock layers) which exist upon the earth. The vertical rock layers are given the same names as the time divisions of the geological time chart. Characteristic fossils are found in each layer, called index fossils; scientists see what a newly discovered fossil’s age is by comparing it with these index fossils and the geologic time chart. (These index fossils were actually made up by Charles Leyell in the 1800s, who also...

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