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Foster Care In Liberty County And Chatham County In Ga.

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Foster CareLiberty/Chatham Counties of GeorgiaAccording to Murray (2000) although the Department of Health and Human Services (DFCS) is the principle federal agency that funds child welfare services, eight other federal agencies also fund programs related to child welfare. Funding is then provided to states, community-based organizations, academic institutions, and other grantees. The states must then match federal funding with their own spending. It is then dispersed within the local counties of that state. The title IV-B accounts for 5 percent of all federal child welfare spending. The Title IV-E represents the largest source of child welfare funding accounting for 48 percent of all federal child welfare funding. It is estimated that the federal Foster Care expenditures to be $4.6 billion in FY 2003. The maintenance payments usually account for about half of the IV-E Foster Care expenditures, with placement, administrative, and training costs accounting for the other half.Murray (2000) states that the Foster Care program is a capped state entitlement program permanently authorized at $140 million. The program also has a discretionary component specifically for education and training vouchers. Funding for this component is authorized at $60 million, but subject to the annual appropriations process. The program requires a 20 percent nonfederal match. States have flexibility to spend program funds on a broad array of independent living services for children who are likely to remain in foster care until age 18 or former foster youth up to age 21 (Murray, 2000).The funding is dispersed to local counties within the state on certain percentages and criteria of need within each county. Two counties in Georgia, Chatham and Liberty were chosen to determine the differences in polices of services, funding, and the delivery of the services to the client population.Foster care is a state program that provides temporary substitute homes for children whose families cannot provide a safe and nurturing environment for them. Children come into the custody of DFCS for many reasons. However, only a parent, guardian, or juvenile court has the authority to place a child in DFCS custody. As of January 2003, about 14,472 children were in state custody.According to the 2002 US Census the demographic statistics of Chatham county population is 131,510 verses Liberty County population of 30,392. Chatham's white population is 51,108 and African American is 75,072 where Liberty County's white population is 12,613 and African American at 13,992. There are 6,374 single females having no husband present with children less than 18 years of age in Chatham County. In Liberty County there are 1,389. Presently in Chatham County there are 330 children in foster care verses 143 in Liberty County. The ages of children in DFCS custody range from birth to 21; the average age is about 9. Some children remain in foster care throughout their teen years. About 45 percent are white and 56...

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