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Foster Care System: In Need Of Reform Today

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Child welfare services should create a better environment in foster care homes. Children face mental and physical trauma every day in foster care homes like emotional distress, unstable mental health and surroundings, developmental delays etc. High trauma rates in children who currently reside in foster care or did, amounting to “one-half to two-thirds,” raises everyday (Dorsey, Burns, Southerland, Cox, Wagner, and Farmer 871). A nationwide social services policy on how to become a foster care parent or child should focus on the mental, emotional and physical state of the individual to decrease foster care abuse.
Social services focus on sending kids away from abusive homes and jumping from one group home or institution to another instead of focusing on building families back up and solving the actual issue. A child can legally become uprooted from their home due to multiple things. The primary guardian has a drug problem, the living quarters obtain eviction, too many children in one group home, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect of any kid, incarceration, abandonment, truancy, death of primary guardian, voluntarily placed, the child continues to commit juvenile offenses or a runaway. Almost the majority of the latter listed can prevail placement in foster care. Instead of wasting another life in the failing system of foster care, child welfare can create programs to promote children’s rights.
Foster care parents are easily passing criminal background checks and state regulations and social services dismiss the idea of checking their mental health or other things. Does this person make enough money? How about the ability to parent? Educated and experienced on children? These aspects are not hard to check. Foster care parents should go through a tough program, testing on parenting skills by giving said foster care parent situations on the spot with a child and an experienced behaviorist can evaluate their reaction. Stricter requirements to be a foster care parent or child raise the overall purpose of social services: to problem solve for the country's citizens and promoting human relationships within the society. Social services believe criminal background checks, paperwork and free classes is what it takes to be a licensed foster care parent. Anyone can tell a white lie here and there to sound better. A sound judgment, investigation and mental health check should be a requirement and passing it with flying colors should allow you to become a foster care giver or child.
Regardless what age a child is, they all need “permanence” in their life to become a well-rounded healthy citizen in society (Children's Voice Magazine In honor of National Foster Care Month, we asked CWLA staff about their experiences with the foster care system and how it has affected their work). The effects of being removed from...

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