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Chapter 1: The first chapter starts off with Foster introducing the book Crying of Lot 49, he analyzes the storyline of this book to show how a quest can take on many shapes and forms. He connects various aspects of the story from talking about the character's name Oedipa to history and shows how stories sometimes have or don't have such deep meanings to them.
Chapter 2: Foster analyzes the significance and symbolism that stories have in the meal scene of a book, such as eating together. He shows how the occurrences of such basic activity poses as a point in the book where characters shows goodwill and friendship.
Chapter 3: Foster discusses the importance of evil or supernatural characters in stories, such as vampires or ghosts. Sometimes the upcoming of these figures don't necessarily mean that they are there to scare, they might symbolize or infer a darker meaning. Foster gives examples of this such as relating to the classic Dracula of 1897.
Chapter 4: Foster introduces the usage of poetry and sonnets and sonnets in a book, usually having two meanings to the story. To show this he analyzes Christina Rossett's 'An Echo from Willow-Wood'.
Chapter 5: DIscusses the reemergence of familiar figures and the importance they pose to the story after being gone. Illustrates how stories build onto stories. He also talks about intertextuality and knowing how to identify meaning and importance to what occurs in text.
Chapter 6: Extends contextuality to focus in Shakespeare. Knowing shakespeare is important because of the inspiration that theses literary pieces have drawn. His writings pose the fundamentals for which writers can use for storytelling.
Chapter 7: Foster sort of continues to talk about contextuality by using the bible as an example. He analyses the imagery and quotation that the bible has that even those who don't read know of the christian bibles scriptural allusions. Talks about Sonny blues.
Chapter 8: Foster outlines a literary piece and its use of allusion, he talks about he allusion seen in children's books such Treasure island or Alice in Wonderland.
Chapter 9: Foster seals the intertextuality, he also explains how mythological stories have a common ground in today's literature. Mythology shows the time in which it was written by what it says. Mythology bases itself hugely on the human emotion such as wrath, jealousy, honor, loyalty etc..
Chapter 10: Analyzes the effect that weather has on the text. Certain aspects of weather convey and infer meaning to what is or is going to occur. Foster talks about Noah's ark and demonstrates the momentum that a flood conveys which is what could be fresh start. A rainbow foreshadows peace or new era.
Chapter 11: Discusses the significance of violence. Foster uses Robert Frost's "Out, Out” to show how violence can show the relationship or meaning behind the things we deal with in the universe, violence might be used to elicit an answer or finish a problem. Violence may or may not have a...

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