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Foster Creek Post Office Case Study

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Foster Creek Post Office Case Study

Background of Case

This case is about an experienced city postal carrier who has recently filled a position at a small town post office and has difficulty adjusting to a different way of life. The central characters include: Larry (the postmaster of Foster Creek), Jim (a senior carrier) and George (a senior carrier). The Foster Creek Post Office exists in a small town and the typical way of life is carried through at the post office. Harry has arrived at Foster from a fast-paced big city post office. Upon his arrival Harry is introduced to his new co-workers where he gives a shy hello and immediately begins his regular duties. Harry expresses no interest in becoming socially involved with Foster Creek and becomes further alienated from his co-workers. His remarkable efficiency and desire to complete his required work as well as any remaining incomplete work causes resentment towards his presence by the senior carriers. Larry is currently faced with the task of placing Harry with enough work to keep him occupied while maintaining harmony among the rest of the employees. His first suggestion is to lengthen Harry’s route, however the senior carriers disagree with Larry’s proposition.

Analysis of Harry’s Character

Harry has a very introverted personality. He appears to be somewhat high strung and needs to be kept busy. He was introduced very briefly to the rest of the office and immediately began his duties as a carrier. This brief introduction was not adequate enough for his personality. His co-workers know nothing about him and he has not put forth ant effort to become acquainted with them. Harry was neither provided with a sufficient background of Foster Creek. He has been conditioned by his previous “big city” job and is now experiencing a culture shock from his new environment. He is unfamiliar with the small town pace of Foster Creek, which is evident by his early completions of his routes and casing mail for other carriers. Harry needs to become accustomed to Foster Creek’s small town life and needs to be accepted by his co-workers by either participating in office activities such as the fund or by his co-workers learning more about Harry.

Analysis of Senior Carriers...

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