Fosters Group Limited Employment Relations Report

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Fosters Group Limited (Fosters) is a well established business, currently at the fore of the global corporate market. The continued success of the business can be attributed to many factors, perhaps the most influential of these being their Employment Relations policies. In this report I will analyse the role of Employment Relations in the business and the effectiveness of these policies and practices.

1.1 Importance of communication

A business cannot operate successfully without clear lines of communication and effective and efficient internal contact. Fosters recognizes this as displayed by their strong communication practices.

1.1.1 Worker participation

Fosters are essentially proactive in encouraging worker participation, and view contributions made by workers as a persuasive tool in the development of the business. As in many other sizeable corporations, the senior management of Fosters is far removed from the daily operations of the business, and as a result, the emphasis Fosters places on worker participation is paramount to their success as it reduces the need for these relatively detached managers from making inappropriate decisions for the business at any given time, allowing decisions to be relevant to the business through the participation of those most effected. Not only does this increase the effectiveness of the decision making process but it also promotes worker autonomy, ultimately reducing stress, as outlined in the Kunkel report (1993).

1.1.2 Grievance Procedures

See 1.5 Conflict resolution.

1.1.3 Consultative Committee

Fosters has a consultative committee made up of a representative from each of the company's main departments. One representative is from the Human Resources department, which is in control of Employment Relations. This committee has been established in order to give an equal outlook on the decision making process, with proportional representation from each department ensuring a fair and well-rounded outcome. In Fosters daily operations, the role of the consultative committee is to offer an avenue to address any problems of the workers, and also to give advice from the lower business ranks to the senior managers, in order to bridge the management-worker divide. In this way, the committee improves contact within the business, highlighting Fosters sincere regard for the importance of communication. The Consultative Committee is re-elected every 6 months and is an additional duty on top of the employee's normal operations in their department.

1.1.4 Team Briefings

Generally speaking, teams at Fosters are directed/lean work teams. There is a meeting for each department weekly, in which the various leaders within that department meet to discuss problems and developments. Within these work teams, quality circle like practices are often undertaken as teamwork between employees is valued at Fosters. For larger scale ventures and projects, project teams and cross-functional work teams are...

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