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IntroductionFor this essay I have chosen to write about a situation that happened to me while I was working as an nursing auxiliary in an orthopaedic ward, I learned that a patient had been involved in a car accident, where she was the driver and her boyfriend had been killed. I imagined that she must be feeling awful, possibly responsible for his death. I felt that I should say something, but could not find the words, instead I said nothing but I felt bad afterwards because I had done nothing.To examine this situation I shall use Gibb's reflective model (appendix 1), which will help me discover other possible actions I could have taken instead and help formulate a plan of action for the future if a similar situation arose again.Also, in connection with the experience, I will be researching into the importance of good communication, the role of the multidisciplinary team and the importance of using evidence based practice.Gibb's Reflective Cycle (1988)See appendix 1DescriptionWhile I was working as an auxiliary nurse at an orthopaedics ward, I was told that one of the patients being cared for was girl in her early twenties, she had been involved in a car crash while she had been driving with her boyfriend. She survived the accident but her boyfriend was killed. One of my duties I was required to do was to hand out the trays of meals to the patients. As I laid the tray of food on the table in front of her, I noticed that she showed absolutely no interest for the food in front of her.I wanted to say something comforting to her, as I imagined that she might be blaming herself for the accident. However, I knew that anything I said would probably make the situation worse. Instead, I put the tray down in front of her, said nothing and walk away. Afterwards I felt guilty that I had done nothing and that I had left her to suffer. I still think back sometimes with regret that I should have done or said something.FeelingsBefore I met her, I thought to my self " What a horrible thing to happen to someone, she probably feels awful and perhaps blames her self for what happened".As I was speaking to her, I thought, "What can say or do to her to make her feel better". I thought that if I said something that was wrong, then I might make matters worse.EvaluationAfter the situation, I felt terrible, I thought that should have done something instead of not saying anything at all. I felt that my communications skills could probably be better. The good aspects of the experience were, I could use it to discover my weaknesses and give me some direction and goals where I could improve myself.AnalysisI did not feel adequately equipped to deal with the situation, I think it would have been better if I had talked to some of the nursing staff about the situation. They might have been able to give me some ideas about how the situation might be handled better, or better still if one of them were to talk to her and I could watch and see how they approach her.ConclusionI could...

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