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There is no question that states used to be the building blocks of the international system in the past because they had the sovereignty in the political, security, and social areas. However, with globalization, states are subjected to external influences and it is becoming questionable if states are still the fundamental actors of the international system. Cooperation is becoming a key motivation in the international system nowadays. ()This implies that states may have to sacrifice their policies to maintain universal standards of living or the international peace. Although states are still the ultimate power source, it is important to accept the fact that the idea of sovereignty is changing with globalism.
- However, for more than the majority of the weaker states, they are under the influence of these strong states
- domestic policies are very important to consider in order to see the big picture
In the 16th and 17th century, the idea of a sovereign state focused on establishing legitimacy of a single domestic authority (O’Neil and Rogowski 68). The government was expected to have a total control over its domestic affairs. Therefore, it was expected that no state had the “right to intervene in the internal affairs of another” (O’Neil and Rogowski 69). The original establishment of the idea of state and sovereignty developed over the concept of a government having an overarching political power over its territory.
Security is one of the major missions that every state strives to achieve. Creveld specifically claims that the primary mission of the state is to fight and defend because those that fails are “doomed to disappear.” This is because nothing would matter if it did not exist. The Unite States’ spending in military shows how important it considers security to be. As of 2014, the United States’ total spending on military reached over 600 billion dollars. It spent over 500 billion dollars on defense and about 100 billion dollars on war. U.S.’s spending on military composes 39% of the world’s expenditure in 2012. It allocates 37% of its budget on military, outstandingly exceeds its investment in other areas of public goods (Shah). Meanwhile, states without security control could experience many insecurities through repeated exposure to violence due to porous borders and external and civil wars.
Another factor that proves why state is so important in keeping it secure is the people’s tendency to stick to the notion of nationalism. For example, Israel and Palestine continue to fight to protect or regain their territories. This is notable because in a “globalized” world, national borders may not be as significant as before when countries fought competitively for territories (O’Neil and Rogowski 68). However, looking at how states are still fighting fiercely at the borders show how important the idea of nationalism is because if people did not care about their nations, then they would not bother sacrificing their own lives to protect it...

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