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Founding Brothers Book Essay

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Founding Brothers Book Essay
“No event in American history which was so improbable at the time has seemed as inevitable in retrospect as the American Revolution” (3).That is how the book Founding Brothers, By Joseph J. Ellis begins. This book is about the founding fathers lives and the post-revolutionary America. The book itself tells of the bonds each one of the founding fathers and how they influenced each other in different ways. There are six chapters and one preference chapter. Each of the chapters tells of important things during the Post-revolutionary war period.
This is the Presence, the first chapter called “The Generation”. Ellis tells of how the relationships between the founding ...view middle of the document...

Hamilton was a devoted Federalist, and the federal party itself was in decline. The dual was because Hamilton called Burr despicable for shifty his political party. Burr’s party was first to arrive then Hamilton’s showed up a little bit later. Hamilton chooses slandered dealing pistols and they had there dual. Ellis then talks about how both of them were in decline and were having problems of their own. Ellis finally viewed there” War of Words” and related it to how our government is so fragile to not unified party’s. That is the first chapter in a summary.
The second chapter is “The Dinner”. This is about the famous dinner between Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton had about settling the nation’s debt and relocation of the capital to the south. It was on a night in July in 1780, and Jefferson hoped for a gentlemanly conservation. Hamilton had a plan to fix the financial debt the country was in and Madison was not convinced on his idea. Then the book talks about both the Assumption Bill and The Residence Bill were passed in the House of Representatives. Soon after the dinner Jefferson wrote to James Monroe, admitting he was found of assumption despiclibe, but he feared of the risk of deadlocked in the legislative. Monroe response was a warning was behind closed door dealings. He agreed with Monroe and told Washington that the Dinner deal was the worst thing he ever done. That is what the second chapter.
The third chapter is “The Silence”. This is about slavery during the country’s inception. This takes place shortly after Jefferson’s dinner part. A group of Quakers presented petitions to the house to end the African slave trade. They insisted that slavery be abolished by 1808, but it was removing quickly. Benjamin Franklin signed many of these petitions to end slavery. But the house looked over his name for they think Franklin is below Washington. The perdition he signed stated that slavery and slave trade was immoral. Ellis then tells a beef history of how slavery had been addressed in the country founding. The founding fathers new slavery was wrong, but it is a problem future generations are going to solve. That is the third chapter in a nut shell.
The fourth chapter is “The Farewell”. This chapter is about George Washington’s retirement from the presidency and his Farewell Address. The chapter opens on Washington’s elected as...

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