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Fountains Of Bellagio Essay

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Singh 1Shaurya SinghProf. KayeEnglish M01 A17th September 2014Dancing WatersWhether you are in the sky above Las Vegas or on the Strip, you can always watch the enormous fountains performing elegant musical acrobats. These springs are truly a masterpiece of artistic production with significant design and engineering. It is the most ambitious, choreographically complex water features ever conceived against the beautiful backdrop of Las Vegas' lavender sky. With the performance that rival the most graceful of human motions and a shell that defies categorization, these springs are commonly recognized as the "Fountains of Bellagio" or "Fontane DI Bellagio." The jets have been the setting for countless real-life dramas, love affairs, proposals, weddings- as well as cinematic intrigues, most famously Ocean's 11. It was the dream once seen by the creators of the Bellagio Hotel and WET designs where the company who worked this dream into a reality. These dancing jets made their introduction on October 15th, 1998 with the song "One Singular Sensation". From that day these fountains run in every fifteen minutes performing on more than fifty classics like Hallelujah, Winter Games, Billie Jean, Fly me to the Moon etc.These springs are turned up on the Las Vegas Strip, which is likewise the abode of some biggest, and most renowned casinos and hotels like MGM Grand, Paris Paris, Caesars palace, Vdara etc. Every hotel on the Strip is manufactured with extra topics. The parent hotel of these springs is called Bellagio, which is a glass-and-marble homage to the Italian lakefront city of Bellagio. This hotel opened in 1998 at a price of 1.6 billion dollars. The marquee of this albergo have ten celling lamps and portrait of Bellagio city, there are two cast iron lions facing towards the west, which is the replica of lions once created by the Romans in 7th century B.C. on the port of Bellagio city of Italy. There are two spouts on the left and right hand side of the four rotating doors. These doors are the main artery to the hotel foyer. The hotel's lobby took eight months to build at a cost of 350 million dollars, the lobby floor is made up of marble and tiles specially imported from Italy, the ceiling is fifty feet high and have The Dale Chihuly blown-glass "Fiori DI Como" chandelier in the lobby is comprised of 2,000 glass flowers and weighs 40,000 pounds. This foyer includes 116,000 sq. Ft. Space of casino and many lavish shops like Tesorini, Omega etc. The lobby also acquires world's largest hotel conservatory with more than 10,000 potted flowers and plants, the unique fragrances of flowers bring a flood of warm and fuzzy feelings which also helps to relieve stress.Going out of the hall, there is a walkway covered with trees along both sides leads towards the springs. The walkway is made up of a little rough stone called Santafiora, which was also bought from Italy. After reaching near the fountains the smell of fresh water, the cool winds, the music and the...

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