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Silvia felt like her head was slowly becoming several sizes too big for her skull. She had no idea how long she had been unconscious for, and she wasn't in a rush to find out. Her first concern was for the safety of Alan. But as she opened her eyes, hoping that the blur of her vision would correct itself soon, she could not shake the unsettled feeling.
She slowly lifted herself off of the cold damp floor of the alleyway, and tried her best to not allow the woozy feeling from making her throw up. She couldn't see well straight away, her vision was mostly blinded by brief flashing colors, and muffled yells and screams. She couldn't make out who was there, or what they were saying at first, but after a matter of seconds she realized something was wrong. Alan had disappeared.
'Alan'? she said hoping that he would miraculously appear from nowhere. But the only response she got was more muffled yelling.
'Alan'! she said with more velocity in her voice. Panic was beginning to set in. All she knew is that she had regained consciousness, and the back of head hurt.
The muffled sounds of voices began to become clearer. She could hear a mans voice saying something, but she was not quite sure what was being said. It sound like they were saying 'Lips obey, lies dot true blues' but these words didn't make sense to her. But as the colors in her vision began to settle, so did her hearing.
'It's okay. Try not to move' said the recently muffled voice of a paramedic. Silvia reached her hand out to feel his face as he came into focus. His skin felt soft and lose.
'Alan. Where's Alan'? Silvia asked with a panic stricken voice. She wanted to get up, but the paramedic wouldn't let her.
'Hey, try not to've knocked your head pretty bad. You could have a concussion'. said the Paramedic. Silvia was in no mood to waste time. She couldn't see or hear Alan, and was beginning to fear the worse. She quickly slid her hands into the only pocket of her out fit, and pulled out her detectives badge, and quickly shoved it under the nose of the paramedic.
'We'll worry about me once I know where Alan is'. Said Silvia forcefully. The paramedic looked shocked. He was not quite sure what he should do next.
'Whose Alan' he asked. Silvia looked around as she picked herself up, and brushed herself off.
'He's my...oh, never mind. He was here with me when we got jumped. Tall guy, fair complexion, short black hair, designer would know him if you saw him...he was here with me when...' Silvia paused as she tried to remember what had happened. She was...

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